Your business needs more than just a website!

Find potential clients on social media and draw them to your website.

Your business needs to have an online presence. Note that the word online presence was used, not website. That is because a website is merely the beginning of your online presence.

A website is the foundation for your online presence, but your business needs more than just a website. A complete presence online requires that you build a social media profile.

Social media is where you will find an audience for your content. In essence you will find potential clients on social media and draw them to your website.

There are platforms that offer to build you a simple website for just $15, you should avoid those. These platforms are fading because the web is becoming more sophisticated than their sites can handle.

These sites tend to have limits in terms of design , space and bandwidth. Which means that you will not be able to add a lot of features to your web pages. The lack of space means also that you will be limited on how much content you can put on the website and content is important.

Finally these sites tend to limit how much traffic your site can handle. The limit is usually very low and can create problems for your online presence as you grow.

Invest in your companies online presence

When you build a website for your company, make it a proper full website. Relatively speaking having an online presence is cheaper than a physical presence, so don’t be scared. There are two aspects to building a full website, web hosting and the web design. Most digital agencies provide both services.

Web hosting is the “rent” you pay to be present on the internet and is charged yearly. For a standard site it should cost approximately $75 per year, this is what large hosting companies like Godaddy and HostGator charge. The design can vary according to the complexity of the site but its can be a once off payment of $300 going up. You can pay a designer to maintain and manage your content for a monthly fee, alternatively you can do that yourself.

Your business is important, so it’s probably worth investing in a professional website designer to develop your company’s site. Make sure you do your homework and review several designers before you contract with one to build your business website. There are plenty of web designer firms as well as freelance designers that can help you integrate your online presence.

The color scheme of the website should follow your own brand. Be mindful that some colors wont work so be flexible. As a starting point use your brand colors as a guide. The user experience is a critical component of any website. How a client navigates and interacts with your website will determine its effectiveness. A rule of thumb is to keep things simple.

Create Great Content

A website has to be filled with text, images and video. This is called content. The content should at all times be informative and most importantly it should be engaging. The content that you post to your site should be relevant to your clients too.

Initially a web page was enough of an online presence for any business, times have changed. To have traffic flow you need to be present on social media like a Facebook Business Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and so on.

Which social media platform you use, depends entirely on where you target market is located. To find clients, you simply go to where they are. Hint: They are on mobile.

Your social media accounts are not separate, they are interlinked components of your online presence.

social media web design

For example, your clients may be found on LinkedIn but the platform will not enable you sell your products. So you use LinkedIn to engage your clients, then direct them to your landing page, where you then sell them your products. All social media platforms have limits as to what you can do on them, your site does not. You use social media to get attention, then close the deal.

In an online world filled with a lot of noise it is easy for you to get lost in the fray. To stand out will take consistent work. Make sure that your site is full of content, and leverage that content to create engaging social media posts.

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