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I want to hire a designer to do work for me, what do I do?

Find local designers by clicking on the appropriate category – this will display freelancers near you. To search, click one of the categories above (in the colored boxes). Choose web design, graphic design, flash, etc. Then choose your state and you will see listings of all registered designers in your state – you can choose from that list or click a city to narrow your results.
Why should I be listed here?

FreelanceDesigners.com is a very high-traffic portal that receives thousands of visitors each day, most are looking to hire a person or firm to do work for them. Having your listing here can bring you new clients on a daily basis.

I am a designer, how do I get listed.

Click the register linkĀ at the top of every page. Start by entering your zip code and click ‘continue’. Then complete the page with your account information and click ‘register’. You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account. Once activated, go the Member Menu where you can add and edit all of your info. There is a login box at the top left hand of every page (it will only show links if you are already logged-in)

How much does it cost?

Listings are free!

Why can’t I see my listing?

For your listing to appear you must complete all these items:

  1. For new account registrations, check the email account you used to signup and follow the instructions. If you are an existing user, see Step 2.
  2. Login.
  3. Click ‘Edit Listing’.
  4. Ensure the correct Category is selected.
  5. Ensure that a description is entered that details your services.
  6. Click ‘Update’.
  7. When you are checking to see where your listing appears, ensure you have selected the right category (web design, photography, etc.) from the main page.
  8. Click on your state and then your city and your listing should appear on that page.

If you follow these directions and still cannot see your listing, try searching for your company name using the search box on the left hand side of every page. The results will show what category, city and state you are listed in. If you still cannot locate your listing, please login and from the Member Menu area, click ‘Create a Trouble Ticket’.If I can add my link for free why should I upgrade?

Basic listings are free but are returned in random order each time the city is displayed. When you upgrade you get a bold-starred listing – we do not require a link back to our site and your listing appears above all the free listings and randomly on the National Category pages. This will dramatically increase your exposure to new clients.

How do I change or remove my listing?

Login with your email and password, go to the Member Menu and at the bottom of the list is a link to “Delete this Account”. Click here to be removed.

I lost my password, what do I do?

Click the forgot password link under the login box at the top left of every page (if there is no login box then you are already logged in!). Your userid is your email.

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