How Important is a Mobile Responsive Website?

“Google is cracking down on websites that aren’t mobile-friendly…” Whether you have a business, a blog, or both, your goal is to attract consumers and readers. These days, people have an almost endless array of options when seeking information. In order to stay on top of competitors, and keep gathering consumers, you must make their […]

Content Marketing with Blog Posts

Your business needs more than just a website!

Find potential clients on social media and draw them to your website. Your business needs to have an online presence. Note that the word online presence was used, not website. That is because a website is merely the beginning of your online presence. A website is the foundation for your online presence, but your business […]

About Freelance Designers

I want to hire a designer to do work for me, what do I do? Find local designers by clicking on the appropriate category – this will display freelancers near you. To search, click one of the categories above (in the colored boxes). Choose web design, graphic design, flash, etc. Then choose your state and […]