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Stealth Buster lets you enter a URL and compare how GoogleBot sees it versus a human using the Internet Explorer web browser. Some web sites employ stealth or cloak methods that delivers one page to the spider and a different page to the user. According to Google's policies, the company, "...may permanently ban from our index any sites or site authors that engage in cloaking to distort their search rankings."

This little script allows you to examine and compare how a web page delivers content and whether there are any discrepancies. A site may also deliver a different page depending on the user, this may appear as cloaking but is actually done for the benefit of the user not the search engines. Some sites will return different information depending on what browser you are using, what features you have enabled, whether you have a cookie and are returning, etc.

Enter the URL you wish to compare, then press enter:

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*Note - This application is not be 100% accurate and there can be many reasons for differences in content length, many that are not considered "bad cloaking" - for example: a flash site with no indexable content may "cloak" the text content of the movie. We are not posing any judgment on the results just offering up the data. Also - there are some clever "cloakers" out there that actually check the IP of the bot to make sure its really google requesting it, so the site you check may appear clean here, but still be using more elaborate cloaking methods...

Terms of Service: This information is for research and entertainment only. The authors of this page make no claims legal or otherwise about any web sites being queried here or the results. The information retrieved in this script is public information that anyone with an internet connection and some knowledge can retrieve. Use at your won risk. We offer no guarantee or warranty or liability.
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