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When you’re in search of a graphic designer, I believe you want someone who’s truly creative. However, we mostly end up finding people who charge a hell lot and give you something that’s trendy – not something out of the box.

Pebbled thinks about design and web design mock-ups a little differently. They don’t think you should have to chase a gaggle of different freelancers or pay a truckload of money for sexy designs.  Their subscription model means you can theme their team of designers for one low, fixed monthly payment.

Plain and simple. That’s them. And if you’ve got ideas you want to fruition, they can’t wait to meet you.

What is Pebbled?

They know what they do best. They keep their subscription prices low by making sure their team can deliver the most bang for your buck. How do they do it? They have specially crafted their do’s and don’ts list, and built a team to match, ensuring they can offer the most essential services you’d need for your project or business. Websites mock-ups, web and print designs – that’s their jam.

The greatest thing about an ongoing subscription is that there are no nasty surprises. They won’t charge you extra because things got delayed or you changed your mind halfway through a task! One revision or five, it all comes at the same cost! Subscription service means you can also pop in with design needs at any time, and they’re ready and waiting.

So, do you have an idea at 2 am such that you need to get going now? No need to call someone tomorrow and organize meetings! Nobody got any time for that. Just hop on and let them know when the inspiration strikes and they’ll get busy cooking. Welcome to the good life, my friend.

When did they start? 


How many staff do they have? 

Around 20 and the number keeps growing

Where are they based?

They started in Australia and now they’re here. Where’s here? It’s everywhere. They love to roam the world like good little Millennials.

What is your trading/business hours? 

They like to keep it fresh and flexible Monday to Friday in AEST. Their standard is to respond to their beautiful clients within 1 working day.

How do they communicate with clients? 

They’re currently theming Intercom which is a much better option to emails. Although, they’re also building a client portal so they won’t need Intercom OR emails in the near future.’

Some of their core values are:

Add value: Their mission is to make life easier for their clients. They know that when you run your own business or manage an important venture, things can get really hectic and stressful. Their team is here to support you so you can be a little more Zen!

Be human and be excited: They believe in having personality, and not being a boring professional robot that’s just running through scripts. They love what they do and they are excited and passionate about the direction of the company.

Be hungry to grow and learn: Their entire team is driven to find solutions for growth inside of their company. They’re always researching and learning what is the latest when it comes to modern amazing design and web design mock-ups so their clients can have only the best.

Build a positive team spirit: They’re close, I mean really close. They’re always joking with each other and creating a fun workspace. Some of these include dancing, and playing soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing music.

Do more with less: They’re all about efficiency and they won’t try something on only for fun or to see how it’ll pan out because vague ideas result in lost time. Time is the most valuable resource they have so they’re always looking for ways to be more efficient. This also implies that they stay affordable to their clients.

How Does It Work?

They try to make things as simple as possible! When you sign up, you’ll get access to their communication tool, Slack and all of their questionnaires. Fill out the required questionnaire, return it on Slack and voila – easy as 123!

  • Your first step with getting started is going to their plans page and selecting a plan that has the features you need for your organisation. Keep in mind that each plan has the features of the plan before it. You don’t need to have your end goal in mind or know exactly how you want things to be as they allow you to change plans based on your requirements.
  • Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can be in the loop about what design jobs other people are sending through to them. This may give you inspiration for your future projects!
  • Last but not least, they’re here to help! And if you can’t find the answer to your query or doubt in their FAQ, be sure to ask them by clicking here which will open up a chat so you can ask them anything (although they’re not sure about the meaning of life so maybe don’t ask them that).

Design Services Available on Pebbled

They serve all the designs types that you could possibly need. If I have to new a few then the list would comprise of the following:

  • Logo Design       
  • Business Cards & Stationary     
  • Flyers & Posters     
  • Book Covers & Packaging     
  • Web & Mobile Design     
  • Social Media Design     
  • Banner Ads     
  • Icons      
  • T-Shirts     
  • Infographics     
  • Invitations

What Are the Benefits of Working with Pebbled?

As a brand owner who wants something out of the box within your budget, here’s how Pebbled might end up impressing you:

Risk free: You can try their core plan over a 15-day billing free period. They understand it takes time to see if they’re the right fit for each other so now you can test them out without being billed! They have no minimum terms, so if at any point during the 15 days or beyond you decide to stop working with them, there is no obligation to stay.

Uncapped monthly tasks: They allow for a large number of tasks to be worked on parallelly for each plan. They don’t have a monthly cap on the number of tasks you can submit. This makes them the perfect partner for your ongoing design jobs.

Designs that have it all: They believe they have found the ultimate balance of making sure that your designs are beautiful, modern and returned to you as quickly as possible!

Real human support: They’re passionate about having real people to support you. This ensures that your projects reach the best outcome possible. Their support penguins are not outsourced so there won’t be any language barriers getting in the way of your requests. They’re also across 2 time zones so you get responses faster and quicker.

You own everything: Everything they do for you is – yours! You own it! You can request the files in each and every step of the way for as long as you are on a paid subscription plan. Moreover, on their Plus and Enterprise plans you have reselling rights to any designs they do!

No limit on concepts or revisions: They understand that design is subjective so they don’t have limits on the number of concepts and revisions you can have. If a design isn’t exactly how you want it, you can get as many revisions or additional concepts as you want until you’re ecstatic with the end outcome.

Beautifully designed websites exactly how you want them: Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Utilise their amazing designers without a limit on the amount of revisions or concepts you have. This means you get the luxury of designing your website exactly how you want it.

You have a secret weapon: It takes a lot of effort and money to find the right team and it can be much like kissing a frog – you are never really sure if they are going to turn into a prince! Not to worry – they have kissed all the frogs for you. In other words, their lead designers are amazing at what they do so you can worry less and get on with your organisation.

Fair Billing: One affordable monthly investment with no contracts or minimum terms. That means you can cancel whenever you no longer require their services! Only pay for them whilst you need them. Moreover, you can jump up and down their plans as your work requirements change! If you decide to hop off the Pebbled train, you can come back to them at any time. It’s that simple.

They guarantee: If you do not approve the work, 100% money-back for your first 15 days – if you believe the work completed does not meet your needs, they’ll provide you a 100% refund within your first 15 days. If they can’t do it, you have every right to ask for a full on-the-spot, 100% refund.

What Is the Pricing Structure of Pebbled?

Pebbled currently has three distinguished, fixed monthly pricing plans ranging from a mere $99 to decent $599 for a month. Infact, all of their plans offer unlimited submissions per month, wherein the main difference being how many jobs you can submit simultaneously. Here is what you get per pricing tier:

  • The Core plan – $99 per month – 1 simultaneous task at a time.
  • The Plus plan – $299 per month – 2 simultaneous tasks at a time.
  • The Enterprise plan– $599 per month – 4 simultaneous tasks at a time.

The meagre price point of $99 a month is absolutely unbeatable for any sort of unlimited graphic design tasks. Now you also unlock some additional design features the higher tier you opt for obviously.

There are quite a number of task options available at your dispose for your kind perusal. So, you will need to check through their pricing details thoroughly to see which specific jobs fall under each tier. The company also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee and discounts for start-ups and non-profits.

What are the Pros and Cons of Pebbled?

There are some mind-blowing ups of the platform:

  • When you join the Pebbled community, you’re not paying for a product, a logo, a website mock-up, a certain design, or a particular piece of stationery. You are actually paying for the use of their team who will provide digital products to you.
  • You’re entitled to request a revision after revisions from their designers within the limitations of your selected plan. However, they may not be the right flavour for everyone!
  • They do our best to ensure you are happy and that’s why we allow for ongoing concepts and revision. However, if at any point you feel that they are not meeting your vision, you are more than welcome to cancel your membership.
  • Unlike a lot of design companies out there in the digital space that charge per concept or per revision, they are not here to rip anyone off. Hence, it being a subscription-based model until you are 100% thrilled.

There certainly are some flaws too with them:

  • The level of communication is not only poor but also sporadic that leads to customer dissatisfaction by the solutions given by them, ultimately causing frustration. The service portal lacks a communication process.
  • The whole service experience had an unfinished feel to it and they lack understanding about how design work and client-designer relationships should ideally take place.
  • Considering one of their services is web development, it was disappointing to see their own site did not work and function properly!

Final Review

All in all, I would like to say that no platform is perfect. You must spend time on their platform in order to understand what suits you best. You can see for yourself how can you benefit out of the services that they have to provide you with. In fact, I would surely recommend my readers to give them a fair shot.

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