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In the world of freelancers offering a huge variety of services to companies and other employers, is yet another freelancing marketplace based out of Sydney, Australia. As of the last statistic available, they have a pool of more than 22,700,000 registered users. These consist of both the employers looking to hire and freelancers looking for opportunities globally.

Employers can hire freelancers digitally through their marketplace. Most of the jobs posted are from popular and high-in demand categories like software development, content writing, data entry, engineering, sales and marketing, accounting, graphic designing and legal services.

What is Freelancer?

For those of you wondering what exactly the model of this online portal is, this section will answer your questions. is a marketplace of freelance professionals hosted on the internet with a user base of about 25 million from all around the world. This global access of connecting service providers with service seekers enables businesses and entrepreneurs to scout for workers from a global pool of competitive freelancers.

The platform affords employers a digital hub to find talents for diverse kinds of jobs that include website design, data entry, social media marketing and many more. The marketplace is wide enough and so deep that one is bound to find the right person with the perfect skills for their project which they are excited about.

Employers can be rest assured that all their contact information and other business details such as job openings are protected with security measures. also allows the employers to monitor and oversee the work of the people they hire during possible working hours and ensure that they are holding up the end of their bargain.

Accordingly, they can effectively communicate any deviation on the work in progress or if they are not satisfied can suggest a round of changes. The platform brings along with itself multiple tools that provide employers and employees with a constant line of communication flow. This can be done through their web presence or on the go with’s user friendly mobile application.

How Does It Work?

Now, you might think that this process of finding, setting up and reaching out to suitable prospects is tricky or time consuming. Also, their navigation might seem a little bit complicated for a first-time user.

However, on the contrary, everything is highly intuitive and you know what, let’s face it – with so many features to offer that Freelancer has to provide to its clients, there could hardly have been less menus and buttons. However, once you know the flow and get used to it, it’ll become very handy.

The registration process is simple and you may even skip it in favour of logging in through your Facebook or Google account. You can register as a freelancer looking for work, a customer seeking for contractors, or simply get an account that enables you to perform both functions simultaneously.

Once you are able to get in, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile by filling in details about you and your business. You are also required to add a portfolio and perform a lot of other tasks that will make your profile rank a bit higher than the others and seem more legit. This will help you grab the best of potential leads and convert them into your employee.

Also, as a customer, you will get tons of applications on a regular basis for each job posting that you update. However, you must keep this in mind a majority part of the applications you will receive are automated and generated by scripts. This is done by freelance slave-driver agencies, who pretend to act as individual contractors who’ll promise to do the work for you at insanely cheap rates.

They will even do it in reality – but the resulting work created by severely underpaid workers will naturally be poor. The process in which all of this works can be explained in three very basic steps as given under:

Begin by posting a job: It’s easy and self-explanatory though. Simply post a job of your requirement or vacancy and receive competitive bids from freelancers within fraction of minutes.

Select your choice of freelancers: Whatever your needs, or whatever skill set/qualification that you are looking for in your expert, there will be a freelancer to get it done from. The work type ranges from web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing and graphic design (and a whole lot more).

Pay safely: With secure payments backed up by trusted payment processors that facilitate online transfers and thousands of reviewed professionals to choose from, is the simplest and safest way to get work done online.

Who Are the Freelancers Available on Freelancer?

You can now make your choice from thousands of freelancers from 1350 different versions of service categories such as:

  • PHP, Graphic Design, Website Design, HTML, Logo Design, Photoshop and WordPress
  • Article Writing, Javascript, Mobile App Development, Software Architecture and Data Entry
  • Android, Excel, CSS, HTML5, Internet Marketing and Copywriting
  • SEO, iPhone, Research Writing, Translation, Java and MySQL
  • Ghost writing, Marketing, Data Processing, Technical Writing, Python and Social Media Marketing
  • Research, Link Building, C# Programming, 3D Modelling, Web Search and Web Scraping

And the list goes on and on.

What Are the Benefits of Using Freelancer?

As an employer who needs a professional well-versed with his task, you’ll receive the following benefits from this platform:

Browse Portfolios: You can now find trust-worthy professionals by browsing their samples of previous work and reading their profile reviews. The talent pool is already filtered to the best providers in the platform for the sake of your convenience.

Robust Freelancer Search: Elite and proficient level workers are already tagged, thus providing employers with important and pertinent information that can be used by them in order to decide whom the project will be awarded (sheerly based out of merit).

View Bids: Participate and receive free bids from the talented freelancers the platform has to offer all within a couple of seconds.

Live Chat: They do offer this feature where you can live chat with your freelancers that will bring to you all the constant updates on the progress of your work, status, discrepancies and requirements by freelances (if any).

Pay for Quality: You need to pay for work only when it has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied by whatever you have received.

Track Progress: Keep yourself up-to-date even while you are on-the-going with the time tracker and mobile app.

24/7 Support: All you need to do is raise a ticket and someone will be there to help you. The support consists of real people who are always available 24/7.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The complete process of posting a project, comparing and selecting freelance bidders and then paying upon approval is the same everywhere. However, with the, commission does vary sometimes, depending on the employer’s or employee’s membership level (which ranges from anything between free to $59.95/month).

According to statistics and reports, freelancer fees vary which entirely depends on the type of project or service that you’ve successfully bid on, converted and served, as well as which plan, you’re on. So, how much does a cost?

For fixed price projects – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects

For contests – 10% or $5.00 USD, whichever is greater

For services – 20% fee of the total service price

For the Preferred Freelancer Program – 15% project fee

Pros and Cons

Now that we know in detail how Freelancer really works; we can now move on to learning the pros and cons of the same.


  • You will find a great number of qualified and cheap freelancers at all times of the day from all across the world.
  • The platform is versatile and works with different payment systems, thus providing you with the ease of payment via multiple structures by integrating all possible avenues.
  • Has reliable tech support at all times of day, who are at your service always.


  • The portal has too many unskilled newbie freelancers who may or may not be that passionate or dedicated about the work they take up.
  • Employers and businesses experience tons of spam postings and bids.

They literally charge money for every step you take- this amount varies from the project’s budget. The point of concern here is that the fee will be pulled off from your online funds instantly. It’s not that pleasant to see the negative statement of balance of your funds in your account.

Final Review

Freelancer has always been and still is a giant in the web freelancing market. The site itself is undoubtedly excellent, bringing to you a humongous set of functions and features. However, you can also not rule out the fact that you might have to incur some costs to establish yourself in the beginning. You can consider to be an investment as nothing comes for free.

Ideally, nothing is perfect in the world and nor is Despite nasty tactics adopted by new age freelancers, this site tries to provide you with the best of services not just in terms of quality but also choices. Customers end up getting great value for money from them. I have first-hand experience on this, which is why I can say it with so much of surety and confidence.

As long as there are people who are willing to resort to the cheapest labour possible on the planet to have good-looking profiles, Freelancer will continue to remain one of the top-go-to and key freelance websites out there. 

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