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When you’re looking for a creative artist, does having a creative name matter to you? Think about it, a firm that provides graphic designing services has a name as formal and simple as some academic institute. The name of a brand or company does reflect its personality, isn’t it? Then what comes to your mind when you hear the word “Flocksy”?

This is a company with a unique name and unique vision. It was founded in the year 2016 (November) for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. They are headquartered in New London, CT and have a business strength of about 11-50 employees. It is a privately held company constituting the Internet segment of the industry.

It is run by 3 brothers. First one is Sam Ryan who brings in a strong technical background and web development skills. The second brother is George Ryan who is a seasoned entrepreneur and an experienced designer. And finally, the third musketeer is Charles Ryan who is a business graduate in marketing and management.

They have assembled a team of full-time project managers and graphic designers who work remotely. Their spread is all over the globe. Flocksy provides website support and other graphic design work, with their target customers being primarily start-ups and small to mid-sized companies who just cannot afford or justify employing a full-time designer themselves as they are really expensive.

What is Flocksy?

The number one goal at Flocksy is to be the ultimate company who wants to be a customer of businesses and new ventures. They use their own services every day and all of their creative efforts are driven forward by their talented team members.  They are constantly soliciting feedback and input from their users and team members and work to quickly adapt their process to meet the needs that are identified.

As lifelong entrepreneurs, they did see a need for a team-focused, internet (digital) based creative platform that was not just affordable for businesses of all sizes but also easily approachable. Conventional services were either on one hand cost prohibitive or connected you with individual creative designers on the other hand.

These talented people quickly moved onto other projects or raised their prices drastically once you have successfully on-boarded them in your team. Flocksy’s intuitive system shares with companies their pool of highly talented creative team members that you as a venture will need to grow and improve your brand at flat monthly rates with dependable turnaround times.

They add new services to their list of offerings on a regular basis and are constantly improving their project management system. They help their clients succeed through a combination of innovation, amazing work and fast communication. They focus on creating effective teams that are fun and motivating for each client.

The “Big 3” services Flocky has got to offer you are:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Copywriting

Now when you sign up with Flocksy, you’re assigned a dedicated project manager. They will be your point of contact for all your communications, interactions and other tasks. Eventually, you can hand the work over to the best-suited member of the Flocksy team and you’ll receive the finished job within the timeframe specified clearly in your plan. Commonly requested tasks are:

  • Banner designs
  • Website logos
  • Branding projects
  • Business card designs
  • Edits to existing graphics
  • Or just about any kind of graphic design task you can think of.

Flocksy is used by over more than 1,000 brands. They include Harley Davidson, State Farm and Napa AutoCare Center. Flocksy’s highly rated team of designers have thousands of projects under their belt and have received high praise from clients.

How Does It Work?

After you post your request with them, a timer shows up on your screen to show the expected turnaround time for that project. Just in case you have any questions, you also get a dedicated project manager to facilitate this process for you. Isn’t the timer thing unique? I find it really interesting and professional.

Flocksy’s graphic design specialties range from a variety of Facebook ads and brochure designs, to book covers and landing pages for websites. They do cover a very wide variety of portfolios. Their pricing plan is on a monthly basis, with no contract required and a 14-day money back guarantee. The model is really good for the following type of business/organisations (though not exhaustive):

  • Restaurants who require menu or logo designing work
  • Podcasts, website blogs in need of show icons/ social media ads/ T-shirts
  • Small businesses who are in need of website landing pages/ brochures
  • Authors looking for book cover designing help or book signing posters

All you need to do is follow the simple steps given below for task completion:

1. Sign up in seconds: With their super easy and simplified process, it only takes a couple of seconds to sign up. And voila! You are good to go.

2. Create your desired projects: Use their intuitive project briefs to create projects of your choice. You can also expect to see the design, copy or an update. A designer, developer or copy writer will be added to the project set and begin working on it as soon as possible.

3. Finally update or finalize: Most projects have results within 24 business/working hours. You can then provide feedback to the team member, or close it out so that you can move on to your next project that is queued automatically and waiting for you. It gets activated on its own.

Who Are the Freelancers Available on Flocksy?

Flocksy designers will work on a range of projects including:

Graphic Design: Logos website design, app design, banner ads, templates, business cards, stationery, avatars, menus, box design, book covers, landing pages, business forms, email templates, tri-fold brochures, social media posts marketing material

Copywriting: Ad copy, website copy, blog posts, article, emails, events, headlines, PowerPoints, press releases, social media bio, branding guides, company taglines, infographic copy, mission statements, social media post, marketing material copy, grammar & spelling review

Video: Updating colours, adding new sections, adjusting speed, promo video, animated ads, video merging, adding opening, adding sub-titles, adding thumbnails, adding or removing text, transitions adjustments, animated Facebook covers, removing specific sections, informational video editing, adding background music, animated social media ad, testimonial video editing

Web Development: Website design & coding, email signatures & templates, code website pages, WordPress updates, optimize your own website, beta testing and review, fix website issues, adding plugins to WordPress, install google analytics code, WooCommerce for WordPress, install WordPress & new themes WordPress, psd to html, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor Builder

What Are the Benefits of Using Flocksy?

As a client in need of professional services, here’s what’ll make you love Flocksy:

USA-based Project Manager: You always communicate with one USA based Project Manager at all times of the calendar year and can expect responses from them within a few hours.

Exactly Same Day Response: Expect an extreme quick response during business hours with any of your queries, questions or clarification. This makes sure everything is done correctly and on time.

Cycle Of 24-Hour Turnaround for Most Requests: Most requests are done within 24 clock hours during weekdays. They strive to provide fast quality work. 

You Will Love Their Buckets: Create a bucket list for each of your (or probably your clients) brand requirements and simply attach it to the project. This makes it so easy and fast to get the right material to the team.

Professional Teams: They have a vetted team of professionals. Whether it’s writing or creating a website They have you covered. They form a team for their client’s company as they work through projects. The team gets to know their brands and style.

Intuitive Dashboard: Use their Intuitive dashboard to easily create and manage projects. Timers are located in every project, so you know exactly when to expect a design or update. 

Amazing Support: They have email, phone and chat support. Expect helpful replies quickly. Something urgent? Call them up or hit them on chat during their business hours. 

Agencies Are Most Welcome: They love agencies. The team and project manager will get to know each of their client’s brands and style.

What Is the Pricing Structure of Flocksy?

Flocksy’s pricing starts at an amount of $349/month for unlimited access to a team of up to three designers. You can make unlimited requests (for as much as three designers can provide). They currently have only one fixed price plan at $420 per month. It comes with the following features. The plan includes:

  • Unlimited projects along with unlimited revisions
  • Under their 24-hour turnaround
  • Custom copywriting, graphic design, and email templates
  • Web development of all types
  • A US-based project manager for all your needs

The All Access Plan @ $995 per month includes:

  • Unlimited Projects, revisions and updates
  • The mandatory 24-hour turnaround 
  • Exactly same day response 
  • Premium quality stock photos
  • Stock videos are also provided
  • A US-based dedicated project manager 
  • The spectacular 14-Day money back guarantee
  • No contract requirement – cancel anytime you want to
  • WORKFLOW BALANCE: With about 20 Users, about two active projects and revision queue. A bandwith of unlimited brand “buckets”, with custom template library. There is an option to create projects via Email and the option to reply to comments via Email again.
  • ALL TEAMS INCLUDED: USA-based copywriting team, video editing & creation team, website development team (including UI/UX), voiceover and audio team, graphic design team animated gifs and custom illustrations.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Flocksy?

Here are some of the things I really appreciate about Flocksy:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Provides a great graphic design team
  • Scope of unlimited projects
  • Their 24-hour turnaround
  • Extremely good quality stock images
  • A custom template library with various choices

These are a couple of things I do not really like about Flocksy:

  • You can only work on one project at a time. The option of multiple images is not available at this point.
  • Most of the graphic designers are not based out of the US, which makes it more difficult to communicate efficiently if you are from the US. Fortunately, the project managers are themselves US-based and make this process easier.

Final Review

Flocksy is a better option than a few of its competitors. This is because it starts you out with three graphic designers and also includes a project manager under their unlimited graphic design plan.

This gives you (the buyer) the potential of getting 3 times the amount of work done as opposed to other “unlimited” graphic design platforms who only offer 1 graphic designer and do not include a dedicated project manager for a package of similar cost. Also, their pros outnumber their cons which is a great thing in itself.

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