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Dribble is one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in The United States of America and the platform does not fail to boast about this. This super successful achievement has put Dribbble as a rarefied company with the likes of companies like Microsoft, Dell, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp and Zillow amongst many others.

The online community was established almost a decade back, in the year 2010. It is one of the top-rated platforms where designers, inventors and other talented people like you come together to share work or shots and receive feedback. The community is very exclusive and works on the concept of “invite-only”.

It is a platform to showcase your portfolio projects and other personal artwork for digital graphics such as user interface design, illustrations, animations, and pretty much so much more. Literally any other design work that you can think of.

What is Dribbble?

There are tens of millions of people out there who are looking for design inspiration and feedback on Dribbble. They help businesses, employers and other entrepreneurs like you recruit and hire fresh talent from their wide database of talented and skilled individuals—no matter what kind of industry you are.

They have something for everyone. It was founded in 2009 precisely and are a bootstrap company which is also profitable now. Their mission is to help creative designers share, grow and get hired by over 40,000 of today’s most innovative brands around the world. Simply stated, they are the bridge that connects the two ends of the business world.

Dribble is also the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with all sorts of designers and creative talent around the globe. You can even meet technologically advanced individuals. Dribbble helps some of the world’s best design-forward companies such as Slack, Shopify and Lyft get the required exposure for their design teams and to help them hire expert creatives.

How Does It Work?

For those of you wondering how to make the best utilisation of this incredibly wonderful platform, this is the section that’ll talk about it. If you’re looking for the right designer to design out the template of ad banner for you be it for print media or LinkedIn, Dribbble is just the best place to start.

You can begin by searching the specific skill you are looking for in your prospect and then choose the location to find exactly the right designer. It doesn’t just stop at that. Now, you can kickstart the job by sending the designer a message directly right through Dribbble’s interface.

You can also post job opportunities with a lot of ease, specifying your requirements very clearly. The pricing though depends on how many jobs you want to post and for how long you want your post or vacancy to remain active. Enthusiasts are always easy to find who are going to take your business to great heights. Jobs are prominently displayed on Dribbble’s web app, and even searchable when the location filter is on.

Job opportunities re-route themselves all the time through your own job listing, so you do not need to list all the details again and again or nor take the trouble to separate the posts. The Dribble portal will do it all automatically as per the job seeker. So, say if a designer wants to learn more about your posting, they’ll be re-directed to the URL you set while posting your job live.

Social validation of work, that comes combined with the ability to hunt for great jobs, has built Dribbble into something unique altogether. They bring designers from everywhere who want to be a part of something as great as their very own talent. With an estimated 460,000 users, Dribbble is one of the largest and the most active design communities online—and it’s easy to see why.

So, if you are a job provider, HR firm, recruiter, business manager or an employer, all you need to do is the following in order to put up your vacancy of their portal. Trust me it is very simple.

  • Go to the website of dribbble.com.
  • Now, select “Post a Job” under Jobs on the drop-down menu.
  • Subsequently, on the next page, create your job posting by entering the name of your company, the job description, its location, the CTC (cost to company- stipend or salary aka remuneration, incentives, perks if any) etc.
  • Preview your job posting and see what it will look like in the eyes of the prospect.
  • Select a subscription plan of your choice and one that fits in your budget, pay for it and simply publish your posting.

Voila! It is done.

Who Are the Freelancers Available on Dribbble?

You get a chance to interact, communicate and reach out a very large pool or extremely knowledgeable and unique pool of interested job seekers. They are here to serve you and cater to your business needs. Believe me or not, the spread gets bigger every day. You get to choose from the following job types. This is only an exhaustive list in an ocean full of new gimmicks.

  • Web design, graphic design, illustration, photoshop
  • Branding, illustrator UI/UX, CSS, HTML
  • Logo design, typography, photography
  • Javascript, art direction, WordPress, web development
  • InDesign, print design, animation

What Are the Benefits of Using Dribbble?

The site is specially designed to meet your creative needs. Here’s how you’ll love using this platform:

Freelance opportunity- Needless to mention, Dribbble helps several of the world’s best design-forward companies. These include IDEO, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Slack and Lyft getting exposure for their design teams and also helps them hire expert creative and content developers.

Design community- There is no doubt about the fact that Dribbble has top industry designers active on their platform who not only have experience but knack too. They are keen on working with you.

Connections- Dribbble Meetups are quite frequently held around the world & can be hosted by literally anyone and everyone.

Inspiration platform- Dribbble serves as an inspiration to young and creative minds (probably new to the industry). They also serve as the go-to resource for locating and connecting with designers and artistic talent from round the globe. They are the ‘Pinterest’ of a new kind.

Dribbble Pro features- Dribbble is now offers animated beautiful high-quality videos as shots. You can upload multi-shot at once, visit it and make changes according to the demands of the employer. Recruiters and businesses can also monitor stats of every shot. Now, this is the best feature if you ask me as it allows you see the alterations being made in real-time.

How Does the Pricing Structure Work?

Feel free to explore their multiple solutions available that help you find the perfect candidate for your needs. You can choose plans best suited as per your budget. They offer monthly and quarterly billing options. Although you can save around 30% on the latter.

Plan NameMonthly Pricing
Basic Search$99.00 /mo.
Advanced Search$199.00 /mo.
Job Listing$299.00 /mo.
Advanced Search + Job Listing$399.00 /mo.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Dribbble?

Based on how the platform works and has actually proven out to be for employers, following are the pros and cons we come to:


  • If you want to be inspired and look put for new creative ideas for your business, then Dribbble is the place for you. There is such a lot good work going on everywhere for you to browse through, comment on and engage with. It’s a good mental distraction.
  • The Dribbble community is so huge and the company reports that the number of users nearly doubled last year. In 2018, it is said that designers uploaded as much as 1.2 million shots, that have got 35 million likes in totality and nearly 1 million comments. Best estimates put the number of users at 4.5 million worldwide. Isn’t that Wow!
  • Dribbble is so much more than being just an online community. Dribbblers from different locations get together for meetups and design networking. They get a fair chance to interact with each other. This is such a good opportunity for both job seekers and job providers to get together under one roof. They literally happen all over the world and aren’t restricted to one single location. If there isn’t one happening around you, then you can host one in your location.
  • There is always something great about a design platform that is designed well. Every page is simple and stunning by its own. Projects are so easy to see, thanks to the consistent previews they offer. So is usability. From the first login, everything about Dribbble is easy to understand, find and explore.
  • You can give feedback to your recruited designers or collaborators. Feedback of the clients is facilitated.
  • Dribbble has expanded to include job listings – into real gigs (also known as services) from some reputable companies – and even mark your profile as available for hire. This feature allows others to reach out to you.


  • Dribbble can become a major distraction for some people. There’s just so much to look at, such a lot of pleasant aesthetics and then there are the rebounds, which will have you asking if you just spent 3 hours enhancing someone else’s original animation concept. Given you are a businessperson, I am not quite sure if this is best way to use your free time.
  • The invites might be of an issue to some people. It seems like a cool idea though and might have even been at the beginning, but are invites necessary 10 years down the line? I don’t think so!
  • There are little ads literally everywhere. Dribbble does need a revenue generating source too to survive and thrive the emerging competition and sustain its own business, but some people are turned off by it and disapprove of it. Thus, they don’t end up using their portal.
  • If you really want all the features of the network, you must pay and that goes without saying. It can be worth it if you are using it to sell good or get work (in between the ads by others might drive you crazy). Otherwise it could be a waste of financial resources. That is a risk you need to take here.

Final Review

There’s nothing wrong with trying out the Dribbble platform or to get that coveted Dribbble invite. Although with so many designers on the platform, one might feel that it is tough to get an invite because of its popularity. However, this isn’t so.

Invites aren’t as hard to get as they once used to be. In fact, I find this concept quite fascinating and alluring. If you have time and enjoy interactions with like-minded people, Dribbble can be a good use of resources and effort.

My suggestion is that just play around with their model in moderation and don’t let comments or shots overwhelm you. In case if Dribbble stops being fun (which I highly doubt though), you should probably move on to something else. If you haven’t joined yet, now is the right time my friend to ask your favourite co-worker for an invite and jump right in.

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