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When you use the internet to look for good graphic designers, do you come across some interesting platforms where you can hire them virtually? There are plenty of freelance sites, companies and crowdsourcing platforms where you can get your job done reasonably from any corner of the world. One such crowdsourcing site is DesignCrowd.

They are a perfect platform for all your custom graphic, logo, web and print design needs amongst many others. DesignCrowd is an online and digital portal hosted on the web. They have developed a creative marketplace that helps start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs connect with many global networks of designers. DesignCrowd also holds, owns and manages BrandCrowd, an online logo maker.

DesignCrowd is a modern marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design contests. They are based out of Sydney, Australia and has been around since the year 2008. The company has facilitated more than 350,000 design creations during that time.

In fact, they proudly boast for having over 750,000 designers on their platform since inception who are always ready to tackle your project. Some of their top designers have in fact earned more than $1,000,000 – which is like wow! Now you can even invite them to submit their concepts for your contest.

What is DesignCrowd?

Their mission is to help businesses find the best design in the world, which is so much faster, and at a price that fits your budget. They also want to give designers the chance to earn money for their creative skills. This provides great opportunity to organisations to get the best people for their design needs.

At DesignCrowd, they are committed to living out on ten key values to ensure their company and culture continues to grow happily and healthily.

  1. Think big: They are not saying size always matters. Instead, they believe that when it comes to ideas and opportunities, they are only interested in nothing but the biggest and best. The concept of pursuit of the bigger picture helps them maintain their passion when smaller challenges come their way.
  2. Move fast: There is nothing worse than dragging your heels and missing a chance to improve any aspect of your business. They are all about making a difference (MAD) as quickly as possible. The idea is to be effective in the way they seek to grow DesignCrowd and deliver an ever-improving service to their customers.
  3. Push yourself: Take every opportunity to make the most of your role. Thus, deliver above and beyond what you thought was even possible. They thrive on a culture that permits for freedom of ideas.
  4. Be an entrepreneur: We all know that everyone has a role to play in building any business for that matter. Here, utilizing skills to develop innovative ways to help their customers. It is all about spotting the opportunities, hitting the projected goals and enjoying the satisfaction from that success.
  5. Be a scientist: At DesignCrowd, formulating new ideas and testing corresponding theories is what motivates them. Once they know the facts behind what they are doing, they can push forward with confidence to create a successful product that supports the needs and requirements of their customers.
  6. Be a designer: Sure, they have a huge community of 550,000+ designers around the world, but that creativity and demand for detail has to be exhibited by everyone in their team. It’s about having the vision to create a product that will function beautifully and look even better.
  7. Create fun: All work and no play will obviously hinder every other value they work towards. They encourage a playful environment where enjoyment is really essential to their daily routine. Fun and Frolic such as Ping-pong, music and cake are not just for an occasion, they’re for the everyday. This keeps the designers motivated and helps them deliver aced quality work which you will definitely like.
  8. Create positivity: They are proudly a start-up, and as such, things sometimes get tough. However, with every challenge and difficulty, they find a way to overcome it with a determined focus, strong direction and may be some pizza. Yes – They Can.
  9. Be a teammate: You are not expected to do it alone. Everyone is working towards the best outcome for their clients or customers.
  10. No irrelevant stuff: Nothing at all. It is simply about creating an open and honest workplace that allows people to be themselves literally.

How Does It Work?

Now, you can get a better design for so much less. Use DesignCrowd’s amazingly creative community to get your perfect design at a price that absolutely fits in your budget. To get started, clients must first create an account that is free of any charges. The account registration process requires you to represent yourself either as a customer or a designer.

Once you have entered your first name, email address, and password, you can then proceed to accept the user agreement to get started. Finally, after you have registered, you can login using your registered email address and password or continue with Google or Facebook login.

So, there are effectively 3 options available to businesses. These include creating a design according to your budget. However, if you are at a company or agency, you can also get a large project created. They have provided customers with a series of solutions in this regard:

  • Begin by launching your project: Tell them what you need, complete your creative brief in a matter of barely a few minutes.
  • Followed by that, get custom designs: Receive a set of unique designs from around the world within a couple of hours only.
  • Lastly, choose the best design: Simply select and approve your favourite design and download the original files.

What Kind of Work Is Available on DesignCrowd?

You can choose a 3, 5 or 10-day deadline. You can expect to receive the first designs within just 24 hours of creating your project and making them live. You will continue to receive designs right up to the deadline date. You can also expect to receive nearly 50 designs from multiple designers. The more active and speedier you are in providing feedback, the more designs you are likely to bag in your kit.

Their designers will refine their work in response to your feedback. In fact, the more feedback you can provide them with about what exactly you are looking for, the better. If you have not found what you are looking for, you can contact them and we can work with you to get the result you’re after. DesignCrowd also provides their customers money-back guarantee on all refundable projects. Simply request a refund within 60 days of your project.

Logo & Identity: Logo Design, Business Card Design, Stationery Design, Letterhead Design, Envelope Design, Name Card Design, PowerPoint Design, Word Doc Design

Graphic Design: Infographic Design, 3D Design, Photoshop Design, Vector Design, Icon Design, Ad Design, Podcast Design

Web Design: WordPress Design, Landing Page Design, BigCommerce Design, Shopify Design, Squarespace Design, Wix Design, Weebly Design, Tumblr Design, Joomla Design, CMS Design

App Design: iOS App Design, Digital Marketing, Banner Ad Design, Newsletter Design, Email Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design, YouTube Design

Outdoor & Signage: Billboard Design, Trade Show Booth Design, Signage Design, Car Wrap Design, Resumé Design

Print Design: Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Poster Design, Postcard Design, Invitation Design, Card Design, Greeting Card Design, Calendar Design, Catalogue Design, Magazine Design, Menu Design, Newspaper Ad Design, Sticker Design

Product & Merchandize: T-shirt Design, Apparel Design, Merchandize Design, Cup and Mug Design, Bag and Tote Design, Label Design, Packaging Design

Art & Illustration:  Illustration Design, Book Cover Design, eBook Cover Design, CD Cover Design, Art Design, Mascot Design, Character Design, Tattoo Design

What Are the Benefits of Using DesignCrowd?

They promise to give you only the best freelance design work: Here is why 100,000+ businesses have chosen DesignCrowd:

  • It Saves Money & Time: Their custom design starts at a really low price with so many options to choose from that meet any budget.
  • More Creativity: With freelance designers operating from all across the globe competing on your project, you will receive heaps of design ideas. All you need to do is just need to choose the best design that you like.
  • A World of Design: They have professional freelance designers around the world ready to create you the perfect logo, website, business card & so much more!
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the designs and do not get the perfect design for your business, get your money back.

What Is the Pricing Structure of DesignCrowd?

The concept of DesignCrowd is based on the ability to get more and more submissions per posting than other services. Their business model is known to be the best for those who believe that having a large quantity to choose from is any day a better investment than having just a few nominal high-quality options.

Each design category has different costs when you run a contest. Since the cost of getting just a few submissions is comparatively high, it’s most economic to use DesignCrowd when you want a lot of varied options instead. For instance, if you run a social media post design contest, the base prices are as follows:

  • $109 for 1-3 designs
  • $219 for at least 6 designs
  • $299 for at least 50 designs
  • $479 for at least 100 designs
  • $719 for at least 150 designs

What are the Pros and Cons of DesignCrowd?

Outsource your design to a creative team of designers around the world. For this purpose, landing on DesignCrowd will be a decision you won’t regret. I’m not saying this because there are no flaws to this site, but because they’re outweighed by the pros.

Take a look.


  • They are so much more creative: Get about 100+ designs to choose from per project.
  • Private: You can now rebrand your outsourced designs as your own and share with your client base using their white label tools.
  • Cost effective: You only pay for outsourcing as you go. There are no setup costs or any sort of subscription fees.
  • Experienced: Over 2,500 wholesales, join the growing list of successful agencies outsourcing design projects.
  • The pricing system itself is designed to be as affordable as possible. What else do you want from a platform full of designers?
  • The focus is on healthy contests that gives you access to hundreds of submissions to choose from. You can award them accordingly.
  • The briefing process is speedy and quick.


  • Since the artists are not sorted by different quality tiers that marks their work, the quality of contest submissions is not guaranteed to be across-the-board great.
  • DesignCrowd’s interface is not that well-suited to one-on-one freelancing. Even though you can search for designers to invite to your contests based on the parameter of star quality rating. However, the search parameters are not extensive at all.

Final Review

DesignCrowd is one of the best platforms in terms of overall quantity and affordability. The structure is so very flexible that it does allow one-on-one work. Although, it is based more in conducting contests. You can search fellow freelancers to invite them to your contests and motivate them to participate.

In addition to this, you can also get a lot more submissions at quite lower price points. The briefing process is equally fast and simple. You will have a good time with them and not be disappointed for sure.

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