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The world-famous Inc. magazine has been featuring America’s top 5,000 fastest developing, growing and privately owned companies for almost 40 years now. Much like the last year’s list, this year’s list features some of the most successful, innovative and creatively rich companies in the world.

The list gives recognition to those companies that have succeeded in achieving the highest revenue growth, with the combined revenue of the 2020 honourees who have exceeded $209 billion. Here comes in Design Pickle, a business model that has been phenomenal in exceeded the average growth rate of 500%, achieving a 3-year growth rate of 635%. Isn’t that wow!

What is Design Pickle?

For those of you who do not know what this organisation is, Design Pickle is the world’s no. #1 graphic design platform. They assure you to provide unlimited and really rich in quality design work for thousands of businesses in exchange for a flat fee.

The organisation was founded in the year 2015 by Russ Perry and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. So, you can see that the company is not very old. Design Pickle took birth from the idea that everybody needs access to seamless, reliable and professional graphic design on a consistent basis. It surely does help you bring out the creative side in you.

  • It is best suited for agencies who want to increase capacity without significant overhead.
  • Even bloggers who want to improve the quality of their content with custom images can use the services of this platform.
  • Also, a major chunk of their revenue comes from entrepreneurs and businesses. They’re the ones who are looking to create ad campaigns for marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Instagram and other forms of digital marketing or print ads.

How Does It Work?

The platform is very easy to use and understand. So, the way it works is that you have essentially one category of graphic designer assigned to your account who specialises on a certain type of art. That same graphic designer also works on a couple of other accounts although (you aren’t the only exclusive client they work with obviously!).

Basically, some of your jobs will get completed in a pace that might be slower or faster. This will naturally depend on how busy they are, how many revisions they are giving to their existing client and what is the workload on them.

However, in my experience what I’ve found is that you can usually expect 2 or 3 graphic design jobs to be completed in a day. Now this is quite decent. This also depends on the complexity of the artwork. It goes without saying that simple jobs will get more done, more complex jobs will take longer.

The designs that are delivered to you are only as good as the brief you submit to the designers. The more detailed your explanation is, the clearer you are and hence the better work you will receive. To save you as much time as possible, you should ideally create a template for each type of image request you want to submit. This is advisable.

Here are some good things you are suggested to include in your brief for better communication:

  • A detailed and vivid description of what you need.
  • Links that serve as examples for inspiration purpose that helps them understand what you are looking for.
  • Your target audience – who they are, their demographics, their digital presence.
  • Colour’s to use, or not to use – following the concept of brand colours.
  • Image dimensions (you can request multiple sizes if you like).
  • Any other notes you think will help your designer draw up the sketch better.

The more information you include in your brief, the less likely you’ll need revisions. Now that is indeed a really good thing because your designer can be working on new designs instead of fine-tuning existing designs.

What Kind of Work Can Be Done on Design Pickle?

You can choose from a variety of options according to your marketing and designing requirements.

  • Logos
  • Sales page graphics
  • Product design and graphics
  • E-book covers, software boxes and other similar designs
  • Facebook ads
  • Printable items with graphics
  • Blog header images
  • PowerPoint or Google Slide presentations
  • Sales videos, pdfs and more

What Are the Benefits of Using Design Pickle?

You may have considered hiring an in-house designer once during the lifetime of your business or tried to manage a freelancer digitally. You may have even worked with one of those “other design sites,” for that matter and ended up being disappointed.

This is where Design Pickle comes in and they are all about making your life easier:

A Dedicated, Professional Designer: They match you with a designer who knows you by name and understands what your brand is all about. They look into your needs and seamlessly plug into your creative ecosystem.

Unlimited Requests and Revisions: With Design Pickle, you can request as many designs as needed — even if you’ve already submitted 100 requests. Besides, with unlimited revisions, they will keep designing until it’s perfect. 

Ridiculously Fast Turnarounds: You want your designs created in days, not weeks. With Design Pickle, the usual turnaround time for most requests is just one or two business days for Essentials and same-day turnaround for the Pro version.

Easy and Streamlined Communication: The intuitive Design Pickle platform offers the user with a streamlined way to request new designs and communicate revisions for your designer. You can also connect Design Pickle with the apps you already love using such as the very popular Zapier integration.

Free FreshStock Access: All Design Pickle customers get access to FreshStock around the year, along with a collection of high-quality vector assets and templates. The FreshStock library has more than over 25,000 (and growing) unique designs, showcasing the diversity of our world.

World Class Customer Support: Their support team is friendly, personable and always available to help. You can expect an actual, real human to answer your support questions within less than two hours.


What Is the Pricing Structure of Design Pickle?

Usually, designing work can cost you a lot of money. Although Design Pickle plans come with a professional designer, a pool of unlimited requests, revisions and users. These are all backed by their extended 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee for $399/month (or you can also avail 20% off with annual billing).

For the images that you will get, a Getty Images subscription is required. So, in case you don’t have one, then it is advisable to get it. It’s handled through Design Pickle only, so you just need to pay them $25/month.

Each month, you will get over 40 requests delivered on your portal. That’s usually about 2 requests per business working day. Now if you see, we’re talking less than $11 per request technically. And each of these requests may contain multiple images if they’re for the same project itself say for a blog post or a website.

For more time-consuming images, you’ll always have to limit those to 1 image per request. This is to prevent losing on the work quality. On the other hand, if you include too many images in a single request, the designer himself will let you know if that is possible or not. Accordingly, you can break them into multiple requests for ease.

In order to get the most mileage out of the Design Pickle platform it will be best if you can provide them with a steady stream of requests. You will certainly need quite a few designs each month, so that is how you can keep your design quota full. However, if you do not have that much of work, the cost of your graphics would seem a little more expensive.

There are three plans available at your dispose:

The Essentials: This plan is best suited for solo entrepreneurs & small businesses

  • Dedicated designer
  • Unlimited requests, revisions and unlimited brand profiles
  • Free stock photos
  • Native source files
  • Zapier integration
  • 1-2-day turnaround
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Pro: This is designed for agencies & medium to large businesses @ USD 995/ per month (the differences in the plan from Essentials is highlighted in bold):

  • Dedicated designer
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brand profiles
  • Free stock photos
  • Native source files
  • Zapier integration
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Same-day delivery
  • API integration
  • Advanced infographics
  • Animated GIFs
  • Presentation decks
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


Custom Illustration: Now this plan is crafted to suit the requirements of content creators & brand focused businesses. It is available @ USD 499/- pm.

  • Professional illustrators
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brand profiles
  • Free stock photos
  • Native source files
  • Zapier integration
  • 1-2-day turnaround
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

What are the Pros and Cons of Design Pickle?

Here are some of the things that I really like about them aka PROS:

  • They successfully get you rid of slow, frustrating freelance designers.
  • Design Pickle also provides an amazing ROI for your design needs.
  • These guys are able to solve literally any design problem that you might face.
  • Your brand/organisation gets to work with the same designer.
  • Now mostly they provide with a 1-day turnaround time for the samples.
  • They manage the designer all by themselves.
  • Also, they provide a whopping 20% Discount for Annual Payment.

There are a few things that I do not particularly like aka the CONS:

  • The Design Pickle user interface has some flaws. Though you can view designs from their portal, but within the portal itself, images are quite grainy and distorted. It is also hard to navigate and there is no way you can leave revision feedback on the images. 
  • Adding new design requests can be a bit cumbersome compared to some other providers in similar business.  It isn’t as streamlined as it should be.
  • Usage of Slack is only available in the Pro plan.  As buyers, we don’t understand why they do not offer this for Standard as it makes communications and projects much more efficient for both the parties.
  • Custom illustrations are not included in the Standard and Pro plans. You must pay an additional fee in order to get access to the same.

Final Review

Design Pickle is like having a part-time graphic designer for your brand or business. Just that it is way cheaper and comes with none of the challenges that hiring a team comes with. It makes it very simple for recruiters/managers and other entrepreneurs to match their design requirements. For some, Design Pickle is one of the best used platforms they have interacted with.

It is equally true that Design Pickle won’t be a good fit for everyone. You’ve got to be able to justify the cost that you incur and need enough design work to make it worthwhile. This is solely because of economies of scale concept – the more work you give, the cheaper it gets.

Hence, if you can tick both of these boxes, you may be on to a winner here! Bravo. Now just head out to their website, explore the features and options available, understand how they work, see for yourself and spend some time with them.

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