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The founders started CrowdSpring to address what they saw as an absolute fundamental problem with the design process. Most of the clients had little choice and most designers had fewer opportunities to find clients for their work. They identified a problem and developed a solution for it. Since inception in 2008, CrowdSpring has helped to democratize design around the world.

They then re-launched a brand-new site in 2017. Currently, they are now working to make CrowdSpring even better than before. They are doing so by reimagining everything about their organisations and their industry. This is an amazing opportunity for someone who is creative. In fact, they have created a platform that helps businesses meet their design needs.

With over 220,000 CrowdSpring creatives from across 195 countries has helped more than about 60,000 of the world’s best entrepreneurs. Others include small organisations, start-ups, agencies, individual brands and influencers and last but not the least, non-profits. They help all of these with their logo design, web design, graphic design, product design and naming.

They are mostly looking for budding talent, incredibly smart and extraordinarily interesting people. At the same time, they are highly protective of their culture. This market type can be a pretty tough place to get into. Although, if you are used to a corporate environment, you will not be happy here because it is mostly freelancer based. The work might be irregular.

What is CrowdSpring?

CrowdSpring is a digital platform that helps agencies do so much more, in less time, with fewer capital expenses. There are hundreds of the world’s best agencies – from boutique industry to big players that leverage CrowdSpring to innovate their organisations. This lets them increase choice for their clients. With every project you are bound to get the following:

  • Dozens of designs in just about 7 days or less
  • 100% sure shot money-back guarantee
  • Their award-winning customer support at all times
  • Free legal contract protecting (Copywriting) your intellectual property or assets

Design and naming can be done better: They want to really help organisations, agencies and non-profits of any size. They do so by helping them start, run and grow their organisations through great design work. They have significantly simplified the design process. They also handle the complexity so that you can focus on getting great results.

Intellectual property should be protected: Organisations and creatives should not give up their legal rights just because the legal contracts are expensive or are complex. Every project on CrowdSpring portal is protected by a customized legal contract – there is never a question about ownership of IP. From the very day they launched, CrowdSpring has been the world’s leading marketplace when it comes to protecting intellectual property.

Your success is their success: They are happy only and only when you too are and they treat their customers the way they’d want to be treated. Their award-winning dedicated customer support team is always ready around the clock. Be it 7 days per week, to help you by phone, email and even provide with an online (live) chat facility.

Giving back is their responsibility: Every few months, their community comes together and unites to help worthy non-profits and charities from around the world with free design projects. Design can be transforming and this is one of the many ways that together, they help those who are in need.

How Does It Work?

Getting your work done on CrowdSpring is pretty simple:

Tell them what you need

Choose from over 30+ categories (given below). Then, complete a project brief and pick a plan that looks good on your budget. To start your project, select one of their plans. They will then ask you a few simple questions to create your brief. The brief helps us understand your tastes and provides the designers the information they need to create something you will absolutely love.

  • They have an interactive Q&A customized for your project category.
  • Also comes with flexible pricing for everyone.
  • Really simple (takes just about a few minutes) and is a proven process.

Creatives submit designs

Collaborate with dozens and hundreds of creatives, give feedback and score the, accordingly. You can also get revised custom designs. With over 220,000 designers from Australia to Zimbabwe and every other place that lies in between. Their global design community is ready to help 24×7. Work with them in a way that works best for you.

  • They provide you with multiple designers submit dozens of concepts.
  • You can review, rate, and give feedback.
  • There is only one price to be paid. Pick the design you love.

With a crowd project available, designers share dozens of concepts based on your brief. When the project ends, just choose the one you love! All you need to do is:

  • Find a suitable designer (or they can recommend one of their best).
  • Negotiate a fair price with them.
  • Use the CrowdSpring tools to manage your project.

Choose your favourite

Work with the winner to finalize your favourite design. Then, get print or web-ready files and full IP rights. When you are happy with a design, select it as the winner obviously. You get to review design proofs and make refinements. After you approve and finalise the set of files, CrowdSpring will pay the designer and you will receive full intellectual property rights to the design.

  • Select the winner of the contest.
  • Make all of the final adjustments.
  • Then you will receive full rights to the work you have purchased.

What Type of Work Is Available on CrowdSpring?

You’ll get everything that relates to designing and visual graphics on this platform:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Naming & Branding
  • Product & Packaging
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Organisations & Advertising
  • Art & Illustration
  • Clothing & Merchandise
  • Book & Magazine

What Are the Benefits of Using CrowdSpring?

The reasons why CrowdSpring has been working well with so many professionals and brands are that it provides you with:

  • Award-winning customer support: You get all the support you need, when you need it. Their dedicated support team (99% customer satisfaction) is available by phone, email, and chat to ensure your success.
  • Protect your intellectual property: Intellectual property protections have now been made simple. Every project includes an industry‑leading, customized, dynamic legal contracts and policies such that protect your intellectual property.
  • Manage an agency or consultation: Many of the world’s leading boutiques to large agencies leverage CrowdSpring to innovate their organisations and increase client choice. Do more, in less time, with fewer capital expenses.
  • Work that you will love is totally guaranteed: Beautiful design that drives results. If you are not 100% happy with your design project, or if your naming project does not receive at least 100 entries at the bare minimum, they will promptly refund all of your money.
  • Helps in owning and operating an organisation: With options like company name, logo, web design and more – whatever you need, they have got you covered.

What Is the Pricing Structure of CrowdSpring?

All of their prices include an award, which goes directly to the winning creative designer and a part of it towards CrowdSpring’s fee. When you post your project, you will choose between 4 different plans, namely – Silver, Gold, Elite and Platinum.

Each of these include the award, their fee and a set of features. There are zero hidden costs and no surprises. In fact, they are so proud to offer flexible pricing that’s perfect for organisations of any size.

  • Silver projects are mostly great for small companies that don’t require privacy or collaboration (some of these are available as a la carte options in Silver projects).
  • Gold projects are suit perfect for slightly more established companies that need additional privacy and control.
  • Elite projects are developed for companies of any size who want to work with a small group of their very best designers.
  • Platinum projects are designed such that companies that need maximum privacy and control over their projects can avail them. When you post a Platinum project, you will work solely with their best and best creatives.

The Silver Plan

  • 1 Focus Group
  • Up to 50 Designs
  • Search Engine Privacy
  • Site-Wide Project Promotion

The Gold Plan

  • Unlimited Focus Groups
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Project Privacy Features
  • Search Engine Privacy
  • Advanced Privacy Features
  • Site-Wide Project Promotion
  • Custom Presentation Site
  • Platinum Creatives Only Option too

The Platinum Plan

  • All of the Gold Features
  • More than 50 Designs
  • Private Gallery
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Platinum Creatives Only

Please note that the prices vary depending on the project category. Employers only see the exact prices of the plans that they post a project.

What Are the Pros and Cons of CrowdSpring?

Finding flaws for this platform was a difficult task for me, to be honest. These plus points might explain why:

  • Really High ratings (some include 10/10 stars from customers)
  • Absolutely Free design consultation that will help you get started
  • Very thorough and yet quite a brief process that gives designers a lot of information to work with thus providing the required leverage
  • They offer a very-very big talent pool and attract more diversity

The only drawback that this platform has is:

  • Not the cheapest service—plans for a single logo start at just under $300 with the prize and fees included

Final Review

Now that they have over 9 years of experience that from all across the globe, they have worked with roughly around 60,000 organisations clients who love them. It would not be wrong to say that they are a trusted platform you can surely reach out to. CrowdSpring is the famous leader when it comes to design and naming related work.

Their flexible pricing is so perfect for organisations of literally any size. If you want lots and lots of choice that are not just affordable but are also high-quality design, you my friend have come to the right place. Their management team is committed to offering high-quality design and naming at the right price.

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