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For those of you who work in a creative field and are rich with expertise, it’s important to share your work. This is going to help you find work that most businesses are looking for. This is exactly the reason why Photographers, Graphic Designers and Copywriters all develop their portfolios to showcase their talent in front of recruiters and employers like yourself.

If you’re looking for the next gig commonly known as service, or even if you’re an employer searching for the right talent for your enterprise, an online portfolio is very important to help you decide your next steps. It surely does help you to find the right person that matches your requirement and who knows how many times you’ll end up growing.

If you haven’t developed a portfolio yet, then you should avail the services from one of the most popular online platforms these days called Behance. It has published millions of projects since its inception in the year 2006, and it continues to remain the go-to place to showcase your work and hire emerging talents.

What is Behance?

Behance is an extremely well-established digital platform. It forms a significant part of the Adobe Creative Cloud plan where it can run as low as $9.99 per month. Or, you can in fact add your portfolio for free of cost, although with limited design and feature options. Can you imagine something getting cheaper than this?

Well, in their starting years when they took off, Behance was originally launched with a simple concept of just a scrapbook. With significant developments over the years, the site has added a very incentivising feature of job listings and multiple other creative tools.

In addition to these, the piles of portfolios listed on the site make it very attractive to not just job providers but also job seekers. Behance is a platform that allows so many people (especially freshers) with skills in them to kick start their careers by allowing them to showcase their portfolios of visual work such as graphic design, fashion, illustration, photography and more.

Behance is a portfolio-showcasing and job listing platform aimed at professionals and businesses in the dynamic and creative design field. Freelancers who are equipped with different skill sets but lack HTML and/or programming skills, rely on Behance’s GUI to create a visually make their portfolio look absolutely stunning. This is then hosted online free of cost.

Businesses looking for creative talent in the designing field of any sort can browse through these portfolios to outsource their work. Behance allows business organisations to post full-time jobs based on their vacancy and even roll out occasional contractual engagements or internships. Moreover, it even pits freelance remote work. Listings last for roughly about 30 days that surely can be extended further if hiring goals aren’t met.

Businesses can also seek talent discreetly by using the Adobe Talent hiring assistance that lets recruiters connect directly with budding talents that matches their job requirements. Although, Behance isn’t a very suitable or advisable platform for small scale or medium-sized business units since listings are expensive and cater to the needs of larger scale enterprises. You might not be able to afford their plans if you are new entrant in the market.

One thing is sure and that is creating and publishing job posts on Behance is quick and easy. There is a very handy step-by-step process that makes creating a new job post – including all the detailed specifications such as the exact candidate qualifications, the scope of the job or the job description and projected time duration, the stipend/salary etc.  The hiring process is further streamlined by the application of appropriate labels and filters that will help you shortlist smoothly.

Unfortunately, while asking for additional information like cover letters, resumes and references or any lead for that matter is not an option available on the platform itself. You need to go the extra mile outside of their portal. Businesses interested in more heavily vetting candidates will need to initiate the dialogue off Behance for such things.

How Does it Work – Behance Teams?

The Team feature is an extremely unique feature on the platform which you might not find anywhere else. It is a way to showcase the talent and work behind your company in one spot that is on Behance. Now, each member of the team can add all their work that they have created on the team page. For this, your company should be hiring and your open positions automatically appear by default in the info section of the Team page.

Also, I’d like to mention here that team pages allow the creative network on the Behance database to follow and engage with your company’s work. They align them according the mission, vision, values, and goals.

To sum it up, the work that you get will match the marketing plans your business has made. Whether it’s about bringing attention to a newly developed feature or demonstrating the philosophy behind a redesign, your followers can always stay up to date on the latest creative developments of your team without having have to follow each and every individual member.

I feel this a great facility provided here on Behance:

  • All you need is to have a personal Behance profile and stay logged in, in order to create a team for your work.
  • Simply navigate to your Profile and click on the blue “Edit Your Profile” button located below your Avatar or caricature on the left side panel of the page.
  • Now, scroll down to the “Teams” section obviously.
  • Begin by typing your team’s name. This is a chance to be creative yourself.
  • Next, click on the “Create it Now” prompt tab.
  • Finally, begin adding your requisite team members with the profiles available.

You will need only one single member of the teams to create the Team Profile and everyone else will get invites to join accordingly. After that, you and your team members can now start creating projects and the add them to the Team Profile so that it will fill up your brand’s work! To make it even better and enhance the team, add your co-workers as co-owners to the projects they worked on.

Admins can manage all parts of a Team directly on their Team page when logged in. Here, they’ll be able to add projects or team members, edit team info and manage requests. Teams on Behance have a maximum of 100 members. If you’re a creator of a Team and would like to add more people, you will first have to remove members to get below the 100-person limit before inviting more. 

Who Are the Freelancers Available on Behance?

At Behance, you get to see so much across different disciplines that will leave you amazed at the number of careers you can pursue, and talent that you can hire. If I had to name a few, then the following are some of them that crosses my mind:

  • Advertising, Animation, AR/VR, Architecture, Art Direction, Automotive Design
  • Branding, Digital Art, Digital Photography, Directing, Drawing
  • Calligraphy, Cartooning, Character Design, Cinematography, Computer Animation, Copywriting, Costume Design, Crafts, Creative Direction, Culinary Arts
  • Editing. Editorial Design, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Exhibition Design
  • Fashion, Fashion Styling, Film, Fine Arts, Furniture Design
  • Game Design, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Journalism, Landscape Design
  • Icon Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Interior Design
  • Makeup Arts (MUA), Motion Graphics, Music
  • Packaging, Painting, Pattern Design, Performing Arts, Photography, Photojournalism, Print Design, Product Design, Programming
  • UI/UX, Visual Effects, Web Development, Web Design, Writing
  • Textile Design, Toy Design, Typography, Retouching

What Are the Benefits of Using Behance?

Getting your work done through a freelance platform is always more beneficial in terms of getting professional quality work in a cost-efficient manner. Following are the 2 additional benefits of using Behance for the same:

Customer Support

Behance is an active Adobe enterprise that has a customer support team which is extremely responsive, cooperative, and values client relationships. Customer service is absolutely top notch and aced level.

Representatives are always looking for to help you with any grievance that you might have. They are so helpful and knowledgeable about the process and products that lets you troubleshoot your problems both quickly and is hassle-free.

Easy & Convenient to Use

Creating and publishing job posts on Behance is quick and easy as mentioned earlier. The step-by-step process that they have makes creating a new job post so flexible.

The hiring process is further streamlined by the application of appropriate labels and filters making it so convenient to funnel out young talent and opportunities available in the marketplace.

What is the Pricing Structure of Behance?

To begin with, signing up and browsing through design portfolios on Behance is free. Although, posting of jobs does require the addition of billing details such as card info to your Behance account. Payment can also be remitted via the Adobe Talent tool for creative recruitment amongst other payment windows available.

The charges for businesses aren’t that cheap. Behance charges $399 for a single job listing that runs for a very basic period of 30 days which might be a pocket pinch to a few. Buyers can subscribe to a whopping $1499/month plan, which is good for an unlimited number of jobs every month on a recurring basis.  Please make note of an important point here that these are just the rates for posting jobs, and do not include freelancer wage charges.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Behance?

Nothing is perfect in the world. Now that we know what the platform is all about, how it works and the best way you can utilise their offerings, let us take a look at some of the upside and downsides that they have:


  • The businesses can tap into a huge database of about 12 million+ freelancers who are well-versed in creative design. This gives you the reach to wide pool of new or experienced talent out there.
  • They have a line of dedicated customer support assistance for private and discreet talent searches.
  • Needless to say, the platform is super handy and has an easy to use interface for creating, publishing and managing job listings, anytime, anywhere.


  • A crucial point of consideration is that it is one of the most expensive job boards for creative design projects.
  • Also, applicants can’t attach any files, or add cover letter to their applications which makes it difficult to analyse the credibility of these profiles.
  • One more thing I wish to highlight here is that the employers must either rely solely on an applicant’s Behance portfolio when making hiring decisions or finish the process off-site.

Final Review

Behance is one of the few platforms that is dedicated to creative artists. So, if that’s who you’re looking for, signing up here is free. Even though working here can cost you a little bit, you cannot deny the fact that the level of talent you get here is totally worth it.

Believe me, the services given by creative artists here will surely work extremely well for your brand, giving you a lot more profits in the long run than what you invested here. So, if you haven’t tried this platform yet, just visit the site, sign up and start exploring the opportunities you missed out on so far.

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