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99designs is a global creative designing platform. They make it easy for design workers and clients to work alongside each other in order to create design works they love. They connect more than one million talented freelance design workers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, savvy organisation anyone who needs great quality and options of work.

99designs was created and bootstrapped by business founders Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. They had the support of Lachlan Donald and Paul Annesley throughout. Today, 99designs is backed by the free and forward thinkers of Accel Partners, Recruit Strategic Partners and Harrison Metal.

What is 99designs?

This is a crowdsourcing platform where you can create your own designs with the help of a bunch of professionals. You can make many individual creative artists work as a team for you if you’re using this platform.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Design work always finds a way of its own

Their journey began with an incredibly talented group of design workers. Since then, these designers have been competing together on the SitePoint forum digitally to create the best design works.

In the year 2008, that friendly competition was inculcated into a very unique design work marketplace. That is exactly when 99designs was born. Today as we can see, a new design work is uploaded every now and then to their platform. This has earned their global community of artists more than USD 200 million to date.

Design work does not see borders

Well, now that they have offices located almost around the world is a pretty sweet deal. But you know what, they think it is even more amazing that any given design worker be it from Sydney to Serbia will be able to blend in and succeed on their delightful platform.

Design work can come from literally anywhere (yourself included)

Their clients are so very smart, passionate and full of great design ideas. Ranging from 100% hand-knitted wears to a small-batch brewer to fantasy sports, there is absolutely nothing they love more than watching great design work help over half a million organisations grow.

Design work loves a good cause of course

Needless to say, small budgets should never stand in the way of great ideas. That is precisely why, every single month, 99designs chooses a group of not-for-profits (NPO) to get their great design work, absolutely free of charge.

Designing is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

Now between the fitness challenges, to flip-cup tournaments and terrarium building, there is always something smart and cool happening at almost every 99designs location. They adore having visitors, too. So, feel free to come by and say hello.

On the 99designs portal, design workers agree to upload only original artwork. This ensures that each design worker owns the rights to their design work submissions until you have chosen your contest winner. During the design work handover stage, the design worker agrees to transfer the rights (copywrite), and you become the legal owner of the copyright of your winning logo design work.

99designs Pro

The 99designs Pro is their premium design work service tailored specifically for all sort of agencies. To get access to 99design works Pro, you need to pay an annual $500 membership fee. With Pro, you get the following extras: 

  • You get onboarding and priority support with one of their Account Managers for your first 60 days since start. They will help you learn how to effectively leverage from their platform to augment your in-house resources. Thus, making your money get maximum benefits. 
  • Pro benefits including free access to their premium tools such as white label presentations, NDA integration, and expedited turnaround amongst others.

How Does It Work?

When you want inputs from multiple designers, your approach is different from what you usually do to hire one. Here’s how it works on 99designs:

Tell them what you need design worked: You start by curating a design work brief which explains your project to the design workers or developer.  The brief should relay all the important details for your project say your preferred styles, brand colours or visual elements. 

  • It only takes a few minutes.
  • They capture your style and specs.
  • From super simple to crazy complex projects, they manage it all.

Work with the best design workers: They offer amazing ways to work with their community of professional graphic design workers. You just need to hire a design worker. You can either hire a single design worker or in fact create a design work contest.

This is where you ask multiple design workers to submit ideas and you pick your favourite one out of the lot. They will help you find a design worker you will love so you can collaborate together closely on the brief.

  • Get design work experts in over roughly about 90 skill sets.
  • You get to review portfolios and request quotes.
  • All of their design workers have been vetted for quality.

Start a contest: So, now you open your brief to their entire design work community. Design workers will continue to submit their ideas.

  • They have such creative concepts from multiple design workers.
  • Select one design work to own and that is it.
  • Oh, and they do have a 100% money back guarantee.

Finalize your design work and continue working together: You can provide them with your feedback. Then iterate on a design work until you are completely happy with the result. Once satisfied, you can now release payment and get output ready files for digital and print. Once you are happy with your design work, you can begin discussing your next project. Voila!

  • So, their payment gateway is secure to release payment upon completion.
  • Production or original output files are kept ready in both print and digital formats.
  • They ensure that copyright and ownership are all yours.

What Categories of Work Is Available On 99designs and at What Price?

You won’t just get graphic designers, but almost everything that involves creativity and visualization. Hire the following from 99designs:

  • Website Builders, from US$549: Easily bring your website to life, so you can stay focused on running your organisation.
  • Web page design work, from US$599: Engaging custom web design work that connects with visitors.
  • WordPress theme design work, from US$599: A custom WordPress theme that does everything you need it to.
  • Landing page design work, from US$349: A web page where you want a great number of visitors to land on when clicking on the search results.
  • App design work, from US$599: A user-friendly app that gets downloads.
  • Logo & brand identity pack, from US$599: A logo plus digital and print essentials to kick-start your brand – Logo, Organisation card, Letterhead & Envelope, Facebook cover.
  • Illustration or graphics, from US$299: Stunning illustrations and graphics that will draw attention.
  • Product packaging, from US$349: Packaging that attracts buyers towards your product and cannot wait to open.
  • Product label, from US$299: Product labels that stand out on shelves.
  • Postcard, flyer or print from US$199: Fliers and postcards that not only reach clients, but draw them towards your brand.
  • Social media page, from US$79: Social media backgrounds and images to engage your followers.
  • Book cover from US$299: A book cover design work worth 100,000 words.
  • Email from US$299: Custom email templates that users will like to open.
  • Poster from US$199: A popping poster that entices viewers.

What Are the Benefits of Using 99designs?

As a professional who is seeking for an out-of-the-box design for his brand, you’ll receive the following benefits by choosing 99designs as your go-to platform:

They have a 4.8/5 rating: That terrific score is their average customer rating from 37,450 reviews. They believe that Happy design workers = happy clients.

You will 100% love it: Work with award winning design workers and get a design work you will love. You now know that their platform is totally credible.

24/7 creativity: Professional graphic design workers are available worldwide from Frankfurt to Frankston as mentioned earlier.

90+ design work categories: Their talented community pooled in can design work everything from an iOS app to a wine label.

Maximize how you work with their creative platform: You get to experience working with their talented freelance design work community, with a lot more added perk.


What are the Pros and Cons of 99designs?

Now we come to the final phase of exploring this platform – coming to the pros and cons of using it.

Following are the pros of using this site:

  • Many clients choose to make use of 99designs as it makes the whole process of getting a design work completed in a set timeframe incredibly easy.
  • They do have a money back guarantee which means you will not have to pay for a result that does not satisfy you.
  • I do like the fact as to how you get an estimate of the expected number of submissions based on your budget.
  • You are also provided with the option to run a blind contest where no one gets to see the submissions other than you.
  • Since they are one of the largest marketplaces, you could get literally hundreds of bids on a single project. Is that not so interesting.

No matter how popular a platform may be, there is nothing called a “perfect” place. Following are some of the drawbacks of using 99designs:

  • You cannot review resumes, portfolios, or employer feedback and you cannot hold an interview. Yes, you can see design works a contestant has created for other contests, but if you want to dig deeper you cannot really get a good view of a design worker’s background.
  • Trust me you may not be a good judge of quality. Although everyone does think they are an expert at picking up art, but are you really? If you like a design work does it mean it will do best with most consumers? Let us say that if you hired a design worker based on their artistic training and job experience you may actually end up with a better product than keeping the vital decision about a contest winner in your own hands.
  • The method tends to be relatively impersonal. This is because you do not establish a close relationship with the design worker. Now this can be a significant issue on important or complex projects where both the parties ideally need to speak to get the best results.

Final Review

99design works is absolutely one of the best logo design work firms and will result in you getting a bunch of high-quality design works to choose from.  I’ve had better luck and much faster turnaround with them, something I cannot fail to mention. 

You could also get a logo plus a dozen other design works for the same price as 1 logo on 99design works. You all must surely go and check them out. Without a doubt, you will surely be impressed.

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