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Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers

Cynthia Lueck Sowden Gravatar

Cynthia Lueck Sowden

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

I tell your story to the people who need to hear it! Use my 30-plus years of writing experience for press releases, ad copy, web copy and SEO, editorial copy, and more. I also provide editorial and proofreading services.

Services: Public Relations Writing • Copywriter • Content Development
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Freelance Writers

Brown Business Communications Gravatar

Brown Business Communications

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55446

Experienced writer in Profit and Non-Profit-Proposal Responses-Newsletters-Internal Communications-Press Releases-Marketing Materials-Web Content-Business Plans (Team with a Financial Analyst to develop plans for start-up to medium-size companies)

Services: Public Relations Writing • Copywriter • Content Development
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Freelance Writers

Patty Burley Gravatar

Patty Burley

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55424

Want HOT COPY? We have nearly 20 yrs. of exp. in franchise communications, w/retail expertise, communicating to varied audiences, and COOL ideas to catch readers` attention. Specializing in bizcomm: newsletters, PR, mtg/event planning, more! E-mail us!

Services: Public Relations Writing • Content Development • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Winzig Consulting Services, LLC Gravatar

Winzig Consulting Services, LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Minneapolis, Minnesota limited liability company that was originally started in 1990 as a sole proprietorship to offer technical writing and editing services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

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Freelance Writers

Kathryn Nelson (Urban Ink Slinger) Gravatar

Kathryn Nelson (Urban Ink Slinger)

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

I believe that writing is not merely about producing the bare minimum. Rather, it?s about investing time and emotion into every piece so the client is proud of their product.

Services: Copywriter • Editors • Content Development
Contact Kathryn Nelson (Urban Ink Slinger) // More

Kathryn Nelson is a Minneapolis freelance journalist who frequently writes about international relations, human rights, conflicts and genocide and mental health issues.
While completing her undergraduate degree in global studies with minors in journalism and Spanish, she worked as an intern, reporter, editor and columnist at the Minnesota Daily (20,000 daily), and as a student reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper (322,362 daily, 534,750 Sunday).
Kathryn also interned at Amnesty International U.S.A.`s media department, covering the Supreme Court case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, as well as planning and developing educational curriculum for the organization`s youth program. In addition, she researched, wrote and edited newsletters for the University of Minnesota?s Center for Transportation Studies.
In 2007, she moved to Bungoma, Kenya to work at a Red Cross refugee camp, and subsequently co-founded a non-profit organization in a nearby village. Kathryn currently directs all development, fundraising and media outreach programs for the charity.
Kathryn was awarded the Mark of Excellence in Journalism Award for breaking news and the National Diversity Award from the Associated Collegiate Press for her multimedia series about living in East Africa. She regularly speaks to high school students about human rights and poverty in developing nations.
She lives in Minneapolis with her boyfriend and puggle, and hopes to work as a freelance war correspondent in the near future.


Freelance Writers

Ideas to Words Gravatar

Ideas to Words

1508 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55408Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Ready to drive more business and get a powerful return on your marketing communications investment? Contact me first. My writing gets results. www.ideastowords.com

Services: Public Relations Writing • Copywriter • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Tanya Parker Gravatar

Tanya Parker

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

I have five plus years experience copywriting for large and small companies, including marketing and translating technical jargon, and two years experience writing bill proposals for the legislature. I am concise and persuasive.

Services: Public Relations Writing • Copywriter • Editors
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Freelance Writers

Copyhound Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422

Contact Copyhound for "the nose that knows great writing". We specialize in resumes, insurance writing and case study. Call Sandy today at 612-202-8326 email sandy@copyhound.com

Services: Copywriter • Content Development • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Media Line Communications Gravatar

Media Line Communications

7300 York Ave S Ste 204Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Media Line Communications` services include media relations consulting, press kit development, press release writing, copywriting, editing, ghostwriting and media database development/management.

Services: Public Relations Writing • Copywriter • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Minneapolis Technical Writer Gravatar

Minneapolis Technical Writer

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Directory of 100 web sites of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota technical writers and editors

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Freelance Writers

Sara Duane Gravatar

Sara Duane

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Knowledgeable and proficient Twin Cities freelance writer, editor, and desktop marketer. Article & Copy Writing, Website Content w/ SEO, e-Communications, Blogging, Social Media, more. Hourly or per-project billing options make the most of small budgets.

Services: Copywriter • Organic Search Engine Optimization • Online / Web Advertising
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Freelance Writers

ApostropheMedia Writing Experts Gravatar

ApostropheMedia Writing Experts

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

We provide creative and technical writing solutions to common and uncommon projects. Regardless of budget or breadth, we are happy to provide a proposal for your project. The right writing makes all the difference.

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Freelance Writers

Georgia Gould-Lyle Gravatar

Georgia Gould-Lyle

1725 Lilac Drive North Golden Valley, MN 55422Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422
763 546-8715

I`m from a small town in Minnesota. Glencoe has a little touch of paradise for me. It`s home. And when I drive through the lush, green fields or walk through the tall rows of sweet corn, I feel at one with them. Our roots are deep in the same rich soil.

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Freelance Writers

Cynthia Sowden Gravatar

Cynthia Sowden

2800 Garfield St. N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55418Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

Whether it`s through a press release, a brochure, a feature article or your web site, my 30 years of award-winning, professional experience helps you put your best foot forward.

Services: Copywriter • Editors • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Buck Getty Gravatar

Buck Getty

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

I have over two years experience in journalism. I am now being trained in photojournalism as well as online media journalism.

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Freelance Writers

Kris Decker Gravatar

Kris Decker

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55434

Discover why scores of large corporations, small businesses, dot.coms, non-profits, publishers, designers, retailers, agencies, newspapers and magazines turn to Kris Decker at THE WRITE EFFECT for all their writing needs. Call 763/757-4803 today.

Services: Copywriter • Editors • Content Development
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Freelance Writers

Deb Peterson Gravatar

Deb Peterson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Childrens` fiction and non-fiction; business writing with an emphasis on professional development; editing; proofreading.

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Freelance Writers

Dana Severson - Copywriter Gravatar

Dana Severson - Copywriter

3553 Garfield Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Minnesota-based copywriter offering copywriting and marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses and ventures.

Contact Dana Severson - Copywriter

Website Designers

Website Designers

13Five Media Gravatar

13Five Media

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

13Five Media combines extensive web/graphic design capabilities with marketing knowledge to provide your business with the tools it needs to grow. Let us create an integrated and seamless media package for your business.

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Website Designers

Minneapolis Website Designer Gravatar

Minneapolis Website Designer

800 Washington Ave. SE Suite #200 Minneapolis, MN 55414Minneapolis, Minnesota 63105

WizFusion.com is based in Minneapolis, MN, and is composed of only the best young minds in the web development industry. We work to provide cost-effective, affordable website solutions to clients.

Services: Content Management • Design Templates • Content Maintenance
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Website Designers

Ethan Allison Gravatar

Ethan Allison

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55116

The Neon Stream Website Company is dedicated to not only creating visually attractive websites, but backing them up with individually built, powerful, and compact content management systems. Everything we use is developed in-house unless stated otherwise.

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Website Designers

StoreFrontX Professional Web Design Gravatar

StoreFrontX Professional Web Design

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55311

Call now (763) 221-2992 OR Visit us online at: http://www.storefrontx.com "We Make It How You Dream It." Don`t settle for anything but the best, your customers wouldn`t. Stand out from everyone else, check out our portfolio it speaks for itself...

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Flash • Database Driven • Shopping Cart • Design Templates • Banner Ad • Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Magazine layout
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Website Designers

Sharpened Productions Gravatar

Sharpened Productions

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Clean and attractive website design by a Minnesota-based Web development company.

Contact Sharpened Productions

Website Designers

Jacob Lambert Gravatar

Jacob Lambert

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Designing your interactive web presence with Flash & HTML. We specialize in live portfolio`s, corporate sites, Flash content, print design, shirts, litterature, posters, logo`s, identities, and much more.

Services: Flash • Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design
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Website Designers

PROJECT Design inc. Gravatar

PROJECT Design inc.

www.projectsite.co Minneapolis, Minnesota 55127

Project is a responsive, data driven studio. What that means is our work emphasizes content, design, and analytics to create products that work for our clients and their audience.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Design Templates • Corporate Identity Package
Contact PROJECT Design inc.

Website Designers

Green Eye Graphics Gravatar

Green Eye Graphics

1300 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55403Minneapolis, Minnesota 55376

Your business is my business. Together we can create effective visual communication that speaks to your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Print and web.

Services: Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Online / Web Advertising
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Website Designers

Ken Thompson Gravatar

Ken Thompson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

More for Less. Professional Web Design at a price you can afford. Let your website put you at an advantage

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Shopping Cart • Design Templates
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Website Designers

eSolutions Web Services Gravatar

eSolutions Web Services

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428

eSolutions Web Services specializes in custom developed internet applications and web design. We combine usability and functionality. We don`t use web templates! We use best practice programming techniques makes our software stand above the rest.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • PHP Programming
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Website Designers

Matt Whelan Gravatar

Matt Whelan

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438

Want something funkier, cleaner and more functional than those other designers can provide? That`s where I come in! Utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL to create clean and accessible designs.

Services: Database Driven • Shopping Cart • PHP Programming
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Website Designers

Dennis Murphy Anderson Gravatar

Dennis Murphy Anderson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428

CSS and xhtml "tableless" design standards deliver search engine optimized sites for small business that load fast, cost less and make money. Articles and information for the do-it-yourselfer @ http://murphyanderson.net

Contact Dennis Murphy Anderson

Website Designers

Diane Martin Gravatar

Diane Martin

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

I have been a designer for more than fifteen years. I have designed websites with flash, logos, business cards, newsletters, brochures, t-shirts, bus sides and billboards. You can view my designs at www.dianesgraphicdesign.com. I`d be glad to help you.

Services: Flash • Advertising Design • Copywriter
Contact Diane Martin

Website Designers

Scott Angus Gravatar

Scott Angus

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

Clearspace Creative offers clear, simple, and effective design that is completed quickly and inexpensively.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • CSS Style Sheets
Contact Scott Angus

Website Designers

Alternative Web Solutions.com Gravatar

Alternative Web Solutions.com

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Low cost web design & marketing. AWS is a cost effective way to grow your business, image and marketing efforts. AWS specializes in on-line imaging and marketing for small business, helping gain a web presence at a fraction of the cost of other developers

Services: Design Templates • Business Cards and Brochures • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact Alternative Web Solutions.com

Website Designers

Josh Erickson Gravatar

Josh Erickson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422

At Josh Erickson Designs, I create web and print material to suit your needs be it a website, logo, or advertisements. I`m an industry expert with over 3 years of design experience who has won awards over the years for my unique vision and creativity.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • CSS Style Sheets • Advertising Design
Contact Josh Erickson

Website Designers

Tim Schottler Gravatar

Tim Schottler

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441

Certified Advanced Coldfusion MX7 Developer, Certified Flash MX2004 Developer, Web Development, Web Application Architecture, Web Design, Graphic Design. I strive for perfection on the web. tim@timschottler.com www.timschottler.com

Contact Tim Schottler

Website Designers

Minnesota Web Site Design Gravatar

Minnesota Web Site Design

Minneapolis, Minnesota 56002

Our rates are affordable and cannot be compared to the value a web site adds to your business model. CSS, MYSQL, PHP, HTML and more. We do Search Engine and Photo Optimization, T Shirt Design, Web Site Design, Logo Creation. MANKATOWEBDESIGN . COM

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Shopping Cart • Organic Search Engine Optimization
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Website Designers

Justin Nikolaus Gravatar

Justin Nikolaus

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

I provide professional web design at a low cost. My aim is to take the burden of getting online off your shoulders and have you up and running in no time.

Contact Justin Nikolaus

Website Designers

Sujatha S Gravatar

Sujatha S

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435

Websites - Simple Websites - Websites in Flash - Complex websites Web site redesign Emailer design in HTML & Flash Electronic brochure and whitepaper design for use in websites

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • Design Templates
Contact Sujatha S

Website Designers

Terry Barth Gravatar

Terry Barth

730 Stinson Blvd NE #103 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413
612 859 2453

Minneapolis Website Services Content Management System, Design, Updates, Maintenance, Assessments & Photography. Specializing in custom built web sites that you can update your self--without technical skills.

Contact Terry Barth

Website Designers

Integrated eMarketing Solutions Gravatar

Integrated eMarketing Solutions

By appointment only Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

Are you looking to build a website? Get more than just a website. Claim your comprehensive online presence (website design / seo, local sem, social media). All-inclusive package $475. Whose time is worth more? www.IeMS.co

Services: Content Management • Pay Per Click Advertising PPC • Organic Search Engine Optimization
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Website Designers

Imagination; Creative Services Gravatar

Imagination; Creative Services

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55429

Imagination... Creative talents provide the services you need to develop your image. Creative skills include; graphic design, copywriting, photography, promotions, web development, and ideation to provide a complete imaginative package.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact Imagination; Creative Services

Website Designers

Griffins Designs: Web Design & Fla Gravatar

Griffins Designs: Web Design & Fla

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

I`m an experience freelance Website Designer and Flash Developer. I have experience with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Actionscript 3. I`m efficient in: Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.

Services: Flash • CSS Style Sheets • Interactive Games
Contact Griffins Designs: Web Design & Fla



webvideos Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

WebVideos Ltd. are a London based Video Production Company that create Professional Web Video production, Online Video, Corporate Video & Website Video Services For Any Size Business or Budget on the Internet.

Services: Animation / Special Effects / CGI • DVD / CD / SVCD • Internet / Streaming / Web
Contact webvideos


TW Video Services Gravatar

TW Video Services

3732 42nd Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
(612) 788-2073

TWVS is a full service video production and multimedia delivery company. DVD reel, references on request.

Services: DVD / CD / SVCD • Post Production • Television / Commercials
Contact TW Video Services


Light Beam Productions - Minnesota Gravatar

Light Beam Productions - Minnesota

617 Kenwood Parkway, Floor #1 Minneapolis, MN 55401 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

I specialize in documentary films. I also produce corporate promos, seminars, weddings, real estate, live music, and other events. I own a Canon XH-A1s high definition video camera. I edit on Final Cut Pro. I have a MA degree in Film and Video.

Services: Cinematography • Internet / Streaming / Web • Post Production
Contact Light Beam Productions - Minnesota // More

I have over ten years of experience in video production. I specialize in documentary films and I do all sorts of freelance work including, seminars, weddings, live music and other events. I own a Canon XH-A1s high definition video camera and a Canon XL2 standard definition video camera. I edit on Final Cut Pro. I have a MA degree in Film and Video. To see an example of my documentary work please visit my website at http://www.danballuff.com
My rate is $250.00 per day
If you have any questions, please email me at skyfilm1@yahoo.com
Or call me at 612-227-1142 or 612-824-7695
Thank you for your consideration.
Dan Balluff, Owner
Light Beam Productions - Minnesota



T-Roe Productions Gravatar

T-Roe Productions

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438

Complete videography and DVD production for your Theatrical, Dance, Training, Corporate, Marketing, or Advertising needs. It`s our quality and personalized service that keeps our customers coming back. References available upon request.

Services: Post Production • Pre Production
Contact T-Roe Productions


FishTale Productions Gravatar

FishTale Productions

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420

FishTale Productions is a one-stop-shop for all of your video and film production needs. If your budgets have been cut during these tough economic times and you still need a high-quality production, we can deliver. Give us a call today at 612-392-3127

Services: DVD / CD / SVCD • Television / Commercials • Video Production School
Contact FishTale Productions


Fast Forward Productions, Inc. Gravatar

Fast Forward Productions, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Minneapolis video production, High Definition video production and news crews, 612.940.1964, Fast Forward Productions, Inc. www.fastforwardproductions.com. Minneapolis DP, Luke Logan has over 25 years of award winning experience.

Services: Cinematography • Post Production • Television / Commercials
Contact Fast Forward Productions, Inc.


Marv Gilbert Video Gravatar

Marv Gilbert Video

Studio Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Award-Winning customized video production services. Understanding the Audience and Delivering the message. Video for Web, Training Videos, Marketing Videos, Free, no-obligation quote. 20 years video production experience. View demos-www.marvgilbert.com

Services: Animation / Special Effects / CGI • Internet / Streaming / Web • Post Production
Contact Marv Gilbert Video


Nicholas Lowder Gravatar

Nicholas Lowder

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55123

Video Services: Adobe premiere pro and final cut pro. After effects, combustion, photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max, lightwave, Virtual Dj, motion, and pro tools.

Services: Animation / Special Effects / CGI • Cinematography • Post Production
Contact Nicholas Lowder // More

visual communications
film and video career development

community television volunteer

video and digital arts

visual effects and motion graphics



Video My Story Gravatar

Video My Story

2732 Grand Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Sales Videos , Company Profile Videos, Web Videos, Marketing Videos, Promotion Videos, Commercials, Infomercials, Training Videos, Documentaries. Pre and Post Video Production, mobile interview studio filming, multi High Def camera event filming

Services: Internet / Streaming / Web • Post Production • Television / Commercials
Contact Video My Story


Vestige Filmworks Gravatar

Vestige Filmworks

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

A full-service creative media house in Minneapolis. Services include scripting/writing, production, creative edit, motion graphics, audio, DVD authoring, and more.

Services: Cinematography • Post Production • Pre Production
Contact Vestige Filmworks


Light Beam Productions - Minnesota Gravatar

Light Beam Productions - Minnesota

617 Kenwood Parkway, #1 Minneapolis, MN 55403 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Light Beam Productions - Minnesota, produces documentary films, wedding videos, corporate promos, adventure travel, interviews, real estate videos, conferences, music videos, live music, dance recitals, and other events.

Services: Cinematography • Internet / Streaming / Web • Post Production
Contact Light Beam Productions - Minnesota


Slate of Mind Productions LLC Gravatar

Slate of Mind Productions LLC

8120 Penn Ave. S. Ste. #100JMinneapolis, Minnesota 55431

We offer professional services for corporate videos, weddings, music videos, shows and more. Founded in 2003, we are extremely affordable and can work on ANY budget. We have some of the best equipment in the industry at the cheapest rates around!

Services: Post Production • Pre Production • Television / Commercials
Contact Slate of Mind Productions LLC


Dylan Olson Gravatar

Dylan Olson

3000 HWY 100 S APT 315 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55146

I have experience with a variety of production needs. Starting my career at MTV Networks working in the post-productions department, next moving to multimedia producing for a newspaper website, then to working onset for reality television.

Services: Broadcast • Post Production • Television / Commercials
Contact Dylan Olson

Freelance Photographers

Freelance Photographers

Studio C7 Gravatar

Studio C7

6459 Lyndale Ave. S. #102 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

A full service photgraphy studio specializimg in portrait photography, documentary style wedding photography, child portraits, commercial product & food photography, and interior design photograpy.

Services: Wedding Photography • Fashion / Models Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Studio C7

Freelance Photographers

eComStudios Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Digital product photography for online advertising, catalogs and e-Commerce. High quality images engage customers with interactive, 3D animation and zoom technology.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Commercial Photography • Product Photography
Contact eComStudios

Freelance Photographers

Donald Macklin Photography Gravatar

Donald Macklin Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

Residential and Commercial architectural photography for architects, home builders, and interior designers.

Services: Commercial Photography
Contact Donald Macklin Photography

Freelance Photographers

Gustin Schumacher Photography Gravatar

Gustin Schumacher Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

Looking for MEMORABLE and PROFESSIONAL photography, but don`t want to blow your budget? Then you have to look no further. I`m a professional photographer in the Twin Cities area, and I offer reasonable prices on creative, and artistic photography.

Services: Wedding Photography • Commercial Photography • Events Photography
Contact Gustin Schumacher Photography

Freelance Photographers

Density Studios / Kate Iverson Gravatar

Density Studios / Kate Iverson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

Density is a multifaceted art studio located in Northeast Minneapolis. We do photography (portrait, commercial, art) and graphic design (logos, flyers, posters, ad layout) Check www.densitystudios.com for more information or call 612-296-1811

Services: Advertising Design • Commercial Photography • Product Photography
Contact Density Studios / Kate Iverson

Freelance Photographers

Steve Galvin Photography Gravatar

Steve Galvin Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Advertising photography - Food / Product / People

Services: Commercial Photography • Product Photography • Fashion / Models Photography
Contact Steve Galvin Photography

Freelance Photographers

B Johnson Gravatar

B Johnson

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409

Specializing in on-location destination editorial and fine art photography. Check out our website at www.bjohnsonphotos.com.

Services: Commercial Photography • Events Photography
Contact B Johnson

Freelance Photographers

Mary Lucic Gravatar

Mary Lucic

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

I am a recent graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in photography. I specialize in senior portraits, engagement, wedding and family photography. I offer a low cost to those not wanting to spend a fortune.

Services: Wedding Photography • Headshots Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Mary Lucic

Freelance Photographers

Craig Cooper Gravatar

Craig Cooper

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55437

Freelance Digital Photography. Low rates in the Bloomington / Minneapolis Area. Also looking for pro-bono work candidates.

Services: Content Management • Design Templates • Headshots Photography
Contact Craig Cooper

Freelance Photographers

Minneapolis-Photography.com Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55429

Projects have included: Airline public relations and destination images, location, product, corporate promo events, people. Minneapolis Photography can accommodate your needs with the highest level of quality, creativity, and professionalism.

Services: Commercial Photography • Product Photography • Events Photography
Contact Minneapolis-Photography.com

Freelance Photographers

George Caswell Gravatar

George Caswell

1414 marshall street ne Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Photographer creating dynamic visual images for the advertising, corporate and graphic design communities. Color, humor and whimsy are combined with exceptional technical skills resulting in strong visuals that sell products and services.

Services: Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography • Product Photography
Contact George Caswell

Freelance Photographers

Bellasaluti Photography Gravatar

Bellasaluti Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

A boutique Minneapolis Minnesota portraiture studio specializing in newborn, baby & children`s photography

Services: Headshots Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Bellasaluti Photography

Freelance Photographers

Kari Koehler Gravatar

Kari Koehler

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

Graduated with a journalism degree in Iowa. Photo editor in college- so I`ve done events, music, sports, news, etc. Also did PR work for my college, Simpson College. I moved to Minneapolis and am looking for any kind of work for experience and contacts.

Services: Commercial Photography • Product Photography • Events Photography
Contact Kari Koehler

Freelance Photographers



2658 SCOTLAND CRT. APT.#104 fireandicephotography@yahoo.comMinneapolis, Minnesota 55432

Fire And Ice Photography Captures Live Local Bands on Stage, "Freezing a Slice of Time" and Talent of the Minnesota Music Scene. A Non-Profit, No Monetary Compensation, Only Credits of My Photography I Request

Services: Headshots Photography • Events Photography • Fashion / Models Photography






Freelance Photographers

Ian Daniel Photographer Gravatar

Ian Daniel Photographer

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Photographer offering high quality product, fashion work. Do all graphic work in house, photo retouching and photo manipulation.

Contact Ian Daniel Photographer

Freelance Photographers

Blair Fredrick Gravatar

Blair Fredrick

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

An award winning photojournalist specializing in wedding and event photography. Reasonable rates and top quality images of your wedding day.

Contact Blair Fredrick

Freelance Photographers

Martin Berglin Gravatar

Martin Berglin

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

With 25 years of experiance Martins ability, versatility and creativity will help you build the strongest visual images posible. Photography by Choice, Images by Design.

Contact Martin Berglin

Freelance Photographers

Abernathy Photography Gravatar

Abernathy Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Advertising, Editorial and Architectural Photography

Contact Abernathy Photography

Freelance Photographers

Bird's-Eye View Photography Gravatar

Bird's-Eye View Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Professional, affordable low aerial photography. Experience a perspective no one else can give you. Photographs taken from a height equal to fifty feet and any height in between. Real Estate, Landscaping, Corporate Outings, Events.

Contact Bird's-Eye View Photography

Freelance Photographers

John Wagner Photography Gravatar

John Wagner Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Commercial Fashion Photographer est 1984, Digital Portrait, Model, Fashion shooter. Family portraits, and senior photo`s.

Services: Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography • Fashion / Models Photography
Contact John Wagner Photography

Freelance Photographers

James Craven Gravatar

James Craven

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

My specialties are VR tours, panoramic, real estate and architectural photography. Can do promotional materials and advertising shots, business portraiture, interior and exterior office solutions and product images.

Services: Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography • Product Photography
Contact James Craven

Freelance Photographers

Jacob A Gerber Gravatar

Jacob A Gerber

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Commercial photographer.

Contact Jacob A Gerber

Freelance Photographers

Wade Gardner Photography Gravatar

Wade Gardner Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota 54015

What would you like me to take pictures of? Architecture, Commercial, Corporate Portraiture, Product, Weddings, Events, Sports? All photography is the creative application of light from one to several sources to solve a problem of communication.

Services: Wedding Photography • Commercial Photography • Product Photography
Contact Wade Gardner Photography

Freelance Photographers

Chris Sheehan Gravatar

Chris Sheehan

2112 Broadway St. N.E. Suite 150Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Commercial Photographer

Contact Chris Sheehan

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Rank On Top, Inc. Internet Marketing Gravatar

Rank On Top, Inc. Internet Marketing

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55421

Internet Marketing and Seo, Minneapolis, Mn We use the best manual ranking tools available in today?s market. We don?t use methods that will get you banned, We can and Will, get you listed in the major search engines, Our services are proven!

Services: Content Maintenance • Organic Search Engine Optimization • Marketing Consultant
Contact Rank On Top, Inc. Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Site Revamp Gravatar

Site Revamp

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

We offer top search engine optimization (SEO) services to clients in Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota and nationwide. Check out our website at: http://www.SiteRevamp.com for No. 1 Google ranking samples.

Services: Flash • CSS Style Sheets • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact Site Revamp

Search Engine Optimization

Lucas Sawyer Gravatar

Lucas Sawyer

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55443

Corporate and Small Business Blog Implementation, Design and Marketing Services.

Contact Lucas Sawyer

Search Engine Optimization

Minneapolis Search Engine Optimizati Gravatar

Minneapolis Search Engine Optimizati

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization company with 10 years of experience in organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, and web design.

Contact Minneapolis Search Engine Optimizati

Search Engine Optimization

Constant Rank Gravatar

Constant Rank

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435

Provides search engine optimization - SEO, Internet marketing, social media marketing, PPC, Video SEO, web design and website development.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Paulo Custodio Gravatar

Paulo Custodio

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

I am a Product Designer based in Mpls. I do product development from conceptualization to the redesign of products. I offer services of Graphic Desing as well .. from Logos to Branding.

Contact Paulo Custodio

Industrial Design

Motion Design llc. Gravatar

Motion Design llc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 54024

Motion Design llc. offers product design & development services, project management and manufacturing sourcing: CAD: Pro-E part/system design & class “A” surfacing Concept generation Prototype & production sourcing Reverse engineering

Services: CAD / Computer Aided Design • Product Design and Development • Prototype Development
Contact Motion Design llc.

Industrial Design

Emily Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55447

I offer particular expertise in the ID field, w/in-depth knowledge of ideation, concept solutions, materials, manufacturing, building prototypes, several CAD programs-3D modeling and rending as well as manual sketches/renderings.

Contact Emily

Industrial Design

David Bergstrom Gravatar

David Bergstrom

2925 Dean Parkway Suite 300Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Reflect Research (my company) is a concept discovery agency. We help our clients discover new product and service ideas using design research methods. We specialize in ethnography, need finding, ideation, and design strategy.

Services: Marketing Consultant • Product Design and Development
Contact David Bergstrom

Industrial Design

Sheet Metal Mike Gravatar

Sheet Metal Mike

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55449

Simple Elegant and budget friendly Sheetmetal designs. Contract me to learn the process shops will use to make your part. I`ll create flat pattern layouts and detailed shop drawings from 2D or 3D Models.

Contact Sheet Metal Mike

Industrial Design

Jonathan Erbacher Gravatar

Jonathan Erbacher

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

I have the experience, skills and creativity needed to aid in your product development process, whether it be developing a product idea, redesigning an existing product, or conceptualizing new ideas.

Services: CAD / Computer Aided Design • Plastic / Injection Molding • Product Design and Development
Contact Jonathan Erbacher

Industrial Design

jorope20 Gravatar


8301 3rd Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
817- 658-3819

As an Industrial Designer I`m always eager to establish new relationships and collaboration with innovative companies, and other creative individuals who value design. Let me know how I can support your needs as an Industrial Designer.

Services: CAD / Computer Aided Design • Product Design and Development • Prototype Development
Contact jorope20

Industrial Design

Fletcher Manning Gravatar

Fletcher Manning

7600 W 27th St #200Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

Rapid Prototyping, CNC and welding services for product design and development.

Services: CAD / Computer Aided Design • Product Design and Development • Prototype Development
Contact Fletcher Manning

Graphic & Logo Designers

Graphic & Logo Designers

WingedBeaux Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

Serving small to medium sized businesses and individuals. I do graphic and web design. I will work with you to get the outcome that you desire.

Services: CD Insert Design • Character Design • Cartoonist, Cartooning, comics
Contact WingedBeaux

Graphic & Logo Designers

Fauxkoi Design Co. Gravatar

Fauxkoi Design Co.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Full service award-winning graphic design studio with over 7 years of experience. We work with a variety of clients providing business solutions for logos, branding, packaging and websites.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Packaging Design
Contact Fauxkoi Design Co.

Graphic & Logo Designers

Craig Main Gravatar

Craig Main

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

Complete Design Service Illustration Specification drawing architectual signs Custom Graphics Web Design

Contact Craig Main

Graphic & Logo Designers

Sonia Lorenz Gravatar

Sonia Lorenz

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432

Modern, Bold, & Clean Design for Logos, Branding/Identity, Print, Promotional, and Personal Projects.

Services: Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Promotional Materials
Contact Sonia Lorenz

Graphic & Logo Designers

amp13 - Alan Pranke Gravatar

amp13 - Alan Pranke

20318 Enright Way Farmington, MN 55024Minneapolis, Minnesota 55124

Creative design services with more than 17 years of experience. Offering graphic design, Illustration, web design, cook covers, book interiors, logo design, identity systems, brochures, catalogs, and other collateral material. 952-956-4757

Services: Logo Design • Catalog Layout • Illustration
Contact amp13 - Alan Pranke

Graphic & Logo Designers

Windmill Design Gravatar

Windmill Design

2400 N 2nd Street Suite 115Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

A full-service design firm offering Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Interface Design, Branding/Logo/Identity Design, Web Hosting and SEO. We specialize in messaging, usability, design and results. We`re all about design that works.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Database Driven • Shopping Cart • Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Advertising Design • Promotional Materials
Contact Windmill Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

emsster design company Gravatar

emsster design company

3545 Fremont Ave S emily@emsster.comMinneapolis, Minnesota 55408

EMSSTER DESIGN COMPANY IS HERE TO FULFILL YOUR EVERY WISH We provide - custom logos - business cards & brochures - invitations and unique patterns - professional websites - green solutions We are creative, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.

Services: Design Templates • Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures
Contact emsster design company

Graphic & Logo Designers

KW Design Gravatar

KW Design

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55305

Graphic Designer out of minneapolis. Experience with promotional material, web design, book layout, digital illustration and wedding invites. For more info visit my site at k-wdesign.com

Services: Catalog Layout • Promotional Materials • Illustration
Contact KW Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Tim Serbus Gravatar

Tim Serbus

Minneapolis, Minnesota 90046

I`m an energetic, young designer, who is guided by intuition with a fresh, funky appeal. . My clients include East West Lounge of West Hollywood, CA, Ramon-Lawrence of Project Runway fame, and Local Motion Boutique of Uptown, Minneapolis.

Services: Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Advertising Design
Contact Tim Serbus

Graphic & Logo Designers

Andy Lefton Gravatar

Andy Lefton

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

I am a 3D and VFX artist with 5+ years of industry experience. Here`s a list of software I am proficient in: Cinema 4d After Effects Realflow Motionbuilder Boujou Photoshop Premiere Encore Zbrush http://www.eightpointproductions.com/reel_05_09

Services: 3D Animation • Broadcast • Post Production
Contact Andy Lefton

Graphic & Logo Designers

Designs-by-Kate Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

When you need a designer to get your project done right, and on-time, call Kate. I work with a variety of customers & budgets. Working with me independently means you save big money over large design firms. 10+ years exp. specializing in Corp ID & Web.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures
Contact Designs-by-Kate

Graphic & Logo Designers

Celarity, Inc. Gravatar

Celarity, Inc.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438

We are a creative staffing agency that has a pool of over 300 professionals from designers to writers to proofreaders to flash, we can help!

Services: Catalog Layout • Promotional Materials • Copywriter
Contact Celarity, Inc.

Graphic & Logo Designers

aaronmarp Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441

From owning multiple retail printing franchises, design companies, trained in Cinema 3D Animation; I was part of the group that introduced Mobile Billboards in Minnesota. I also pioneered the 1st Digital Indoor Advertising business in the state!

Contact aaronmarp

Graphic & Logo Designers

Girl Next Door Design Gravatar

Girl Next Door Design

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Don`t commit without a proof... If you don`t like what you see... it`s free! Affordable rates and excellent service create the perfect solution... top-notch design for everyone.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Advertising Design • Family Portraits
Contact Girl Next Door Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Pamela Griffith & Jean Kindem Gravatar

Pamela Griffith & Jean Kindem

9860 Dellridge Road Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis, Minnesota 55420

Graphic Design for Print and Web

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Catalog Layout
Contact Pamela Griffith & Jean Kindem

Graphic & Logo Designers

Tom McEachron Gravatar

Tom McEachron

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

I have a website with some work examples as well my resume if you would like to look at, the address is: https://sites.google.com/site/tomasitoasito/

Services: Logo Design • Illustration • T-Shirt Design
Contact Tom McEachron

Graphic & Logo Designers

M.McGuire | Media Gravatar

M.McGuire | Media

Minneapolis, Minnesota 56073

M.McGuire | Media offers its clients affordable, professional design services. Whether you need a new logo or brand overhaul, a simple HTML website, or brochures, I can offer you the best without breaking the bank!

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Advertising Design • Packaging Design
Contact M.McGuire | Media // More

Matt McGuire recieved his AAS in Visual Communications in 2004. Wanting to offer musicians and small businesses an opportunity to recieve professional design services at a fraction of the cost of big design firms, he began freelancing. Also wanting to be able to write music for films, jingles for commercials, and design sound for various other media, he began offering his talent along with the design work, offering prospective clients an opportunity to get original, composed music for their various projects.


Graphic & Logo Designers

Douglas DeMuth Gravatar

Douglas DeMuth

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425

Web, Print and Photographic design for every budget.

Services: Banner Ad • Advertising Design • Commercial Photography
Contact Douglas DeMuth

Graphic & Logo Designers

Courtney Kupsch Gravatar

Courtney Kupsch

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Offering services for advertising and design that requires creativity, a sense of organization and effective communication between client and designer.

Contact Courtney Kupsch

Graphic & Logo Designers

Caryn Wille Gravatar

Caryn Wille

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

I am a freelance graphic designer with experience in both Marketing and Design. My forte is print design, but I also have experience with t-shirt design and am learning web design. caryn.wille@gmail.com

Services: Magazine layout • Promotional Materials • Print Media
Contact Caryn Wille

Graphic & Logo Designers

EJDesign Firm Gravatar

EJDesign Firm

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412

Flow where the rhythm of design takes you... www.ejdesignfirm.com

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Promotional Materials
Contact EJDesign Firm

Graphic & Logo Designers

Anu Design Gravatar

Anu Design

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55304

Anu Design is a full service design company dedicated to finding you quality solutions to your creative problems.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Business Cards and Brochures • Promotional Materials
Contact Anu Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Eric Cannedy Gravatar

Eric Cannedy

275 Nugent St. Saint Paul, MN 55102Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

I am a graphic designer out of Minneapolis, love designing and figuring out ways for you to get your message across! Excellent designer and proofreader as well.

Services: Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Advertising Design
Contact Eric Cannedy

Graphic & Logo Designers

Entropy Design Lab Gravatar

Entropy Design Lab

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Striving to make the world a better-looking place. Original designs for your business needs. On-time delivery, innovative solutions, accurate results. My goal is to make your brand come to life.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Catalog Layout • Promotional Materials
Contact Entropy Design Lab

Flash Design

Flash Design

Andrew Christensen | Minneapolis MN Gravatar

Andrew Christensen | Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Upcoming Freelance deisgner! Working with the latest in Media Development software. 728 Media | www.728media.com

Contact Andrew Christensen | Minneapolis MN

Flash Design

Nick Jones Gravatar

Nick Jones

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

Designer, animator, developer, in that order. I Offer everything from seamless integration with a database programmer on Flash sites or Flash web apps. to short, motion graphics heavy animation spots. Creating interactive designs for 6+ years.

Services: Flash • Design Templates • Interactive Games
Contact Nick Jones

Flash Design

Griffins Designs: Professional Web D Gravatar

Griffins Designs: Professional Web D

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433

Griffins Designs is a one person team that specializes in Flash Development, Flash Animation, Flash Applications, Web Design, and Flash Games. www.griffinsdesigns.com

Contact Griffins Designs: Professional Web D

Flash Design

Colorblind Chameleon Gravatar

Colorblind Chameleon

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Branding and Web Design Solutions.

Contact Colorblind Chameleon

Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers

HMStyling - Hollie Mae Schultz Gravatar

HMStyling - Hollie Mae Schultz

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
612 871-7625

Photo stylist and creative director for fashion. www.HMStyling.com Specializing in personal styling or fashion consulting. Working on local and national campaigns for photography and film.

Services: Fashion / Models Photography • Print Media • Fashion Consultant
Contact HMStyling - Hollie Mae Schultz // More



Fashion Designers

SoHo Exchange Gravatar

SoHo Exchange

PO Box 582544 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55458

Fashion Stylist and Clothing Designer who expresses your vision through a keen eye for trends and color in clothing and accessories. Available for Wardrobe Management, Design, and Wardrobe Styling for print or film production. Visit www.sohoexchange.biz.

Services: Costume Design • Fashion Consultant
Contact SoHo Exchange // More

After receiving a Bachelor?s Degree in Fashion Apparel from the University of Minnesota (please view profile at, http://www.stpaulcareers.umn.edu/rm_alumni/freeman.html). Amy Michielle had a dream to own a business that was completely centered on fashion. In 2003 she launched her company SoHo Exchange, Inc., where she is currently the lead designer. In June 2004, in memory of Benella Jones S.H.E. by SoHo Exchange, an apparel and accessories line made primarily from vinyl billboards was born.

Since it?s inception SoHo Exchange has been commissioned to do costume design for the films Strange As Angels (2005), Lost and Found Lottery (2006), The Prodigal Son (in pre-production) and the web-series Abnormally Normal (2006).

During her 20-year career she has been the Lead Visual Designer for The Toggery, Inc., Sales/Marketing Manager for Room & Board and Co-Owner of Rolling Video, Inc.

Her inspiration comes from finding beauty in everything she sees whether it be a billboard or a pink diamond. She designs clothing for emerging entertainers, musicians and everyday celebrities like you, who want to sparkle when they walk in a room!

Currently, SoHo Exchange, Inc. offers Apparel Design, Costume Design and Wardrobe Styling and Management in the United States.


Fashion Designers

Adore Productions LLC Gravatar

Adore Productions LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Wardrobe Consulting /Fashion/ Makeup /Event Consulting Services available for everyday life, events, film, tv, print. Adore Productions provides a much needed luxury service to a selective savvy clientele.

Services: Costume Design • Fashion Consultant • Makeup Artist
Contact Adore Productions LLC

Fashion Designers

Phyllis Originals Gravatar

Phyllis Originals

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

Original halter tops, dresses, & jewelry with a multicultural flair. Costume design & construction.

Services: Costume Design • Jewelery • Models / Modeling
Contact Phyllis Originals

Fashion Designers

Kate Stylist - Makeup/Hair Gravatar

Kate Stylist - Makeup/Hair

Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

I am a professional hairstylist and makeup artist in the Minneapolis, MN metro area. Think of me for: fashion shows, print, commercial, weddings, hair shows, and special events. Online portfolio and resume: www.kateerickson.com Contact me for rates.

Services: Hair Stylist • Makeup Artist
Contact Kate Stylist - Makeup/Hair // More

I am an on-site makeup artist and hairstylist in the Minneapolis area. My experiences with styling include: photo shoots, print, TV commercials, runway, weddings, special events, special effects, hair pieces/wigs, beauty, and fantasy. I have the privilege of working with amazing photographers, models, art directors and designers.

Octane Fitness
Sevnthsin Design Interactive
Red Shoe Clothing Co
Sweeny Todd Salon
MN Roller Girls

Cosmetology License
James Ryder Makeup Labs


Fashion Designers

AdaArtista Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448

I am a professional make-up artist in the Minneapolis area. If you are in need of any make-up artistry services, e-mail me @ adaartista@hotmail.com

Contact AdaArtista

Fashion Designers

Janna Chin Gravatar

Janna Chin

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55436

Janna works on national advertising campaigns for a wide range of businesses. She has also contributed to an assortment of editorial features. Her website provides portfolios of her wardrobe styling, set styling, and prop styling.

Services: Fashion Consultant
Contact Janna Chin

Fashion Designers

MAKEUP|HAIR|WARDROBE by Nicole Fae Gravatar


PO Box 201732 info@nicolefae.comMinneapolis, Minnesota 55420

MAKEUP | HAIR | WARDROBE Commercial Editorial Fashion Beauty Stage Film Photography Bridal See www.nicolefae.com for portfolio.

Contact MAKEUP|HAIR|WARDROBE by Nicole Fae // More

Nicole Fae is one of Minnesota`s top professional makeup artists and hairstylists. Trained by the finest schools in the country, Nicole completed her training and began her career as a freelance artist/stylist in the LA area. She now lives in Minneapolis where she is still a freelance artist for many respected advertising/fashion photographers as well as for many beautiful brides each year.

Nicole is the sole owner and creator of MAKEUPDO, an on-site makeup and hair styling company for photography/film related events such as bridal, portraits, film, TV, fitness shows and fashion shows. Nicole has been the key makeup artist and hair stylist for short and feature length films and had her work published several times. Her resume and portfolio shows talent and passion. While Nicole has worked with models and photographers from around the world, she is extremely driven to do her very best work with every new client.

NANI NALU SWIMWEAR http://naninaluswim.com/Nani_Nalu/Runway.html




Fashion Designers

Qe'Bella Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Qe`Bella is a Custom Design house,specializing in women and children`s garments and Interior Design. Any thought can become reality. Check out the website at http://qebella.webs.com. Thanks so much clients for your continued support.

Services: Costume Design • Interior Design / Decorator • Sketching / Pattern Drafting
Contact Qe'Bella

Fashion Designers

Faces Etc of MN Gravatar

Faces Etc of MN

4419 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

Hire a Makeup Artist or Beome a Professional Makeup Artist-We trained for all mediums HDTV,Film,Print,Video, Runway, Bridal, and Special Effects. If you need a Makeup Artist Contact Faces Etc of MN. Any job, anywhere, Call us today!

Contact Faces Etc of MN

Fashion Designers

sonya berlovitz Gravatar

sonya berlovitz

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409

Thirty years experience in costume and clothing design. Specialties include: customized one-of-a kind designs for events, special occasions, performance or weddings, costume design for theatre, opera and dance.

Services: Costume Design • Fashion Consultant • Sketching / Pattern Drafting
Contact sonya berlovitz

Fashion Designers

Brynn Andre Beauty | Makeup + Hair, Gravatar

Brynn Andre Beauty | Makeup + Hair,

2630 McKinley St. brynnandre@gmail.comMinneapolis, Minnesota 55418
701 570 6446

Providing makeup and hair for prom, weddings, fashion and commercial jobs. Our Minneapolis Minnesota stylists offer on location service throughout the Twin Cities and suburbs like Eagan, Bloomington & Plymouth. Affordable, modern bridal and prom beauty!

Contact Brynn Andre Beauty | Makeup + Hair,

Fashion Designers

Fleece Me, Inc. Gravatar

Fleece Me, Inc.

1500 Jackson St. NE #293 Minneapolis, MN 55413Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

Barbara is a designer of polar fleece and cotton knit clothing for babies, children & adult`s as well as products for the home. Variety of products including jackets, poncho`s, buntings, hats, blankets. Located in the Northrup King Building.

Contact Fleece Me, Inc.

Fashion Designers

Sara Bella Gravatar

Sara Bella

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435

Sara excels at creative design dress making and styling consulting. Whether it is a special occasion event or a new wardrobe for the season. Doesn`t matter what the budget is she can help you achieve a new style. Leave the trend knowledge to her.

Services: Dress Makers / Dressmaker • Fashion Consultant • Retail Dislpay / Interiors
Contact Sara Bella

Fashion Designers

milumilu Couture Gravatar

milumilu Couture

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

I am a creative costume designer recently moved to the twin cities from NYC .

Services: Costume Design • Jewelery • Makeup Artist
Contact milumilu Couture

Web Programmers

Web Programmers

PIXEL08 Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55447

I specialise in flash animation/actionscript, 3d animation etc

Contact PIXEL08

Web Programmers

1Zone Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

1Zone.net is a comprehensive web design and development company based out of Minneapolis. 1zone?s specialty is providing custom content managed sites that allow you to easily update the content of your site, when you need it updated.

Contact 1Zone



Les Chylinski Gravatar

Les Chylinski

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Refined architectural illustration services.

Contact Les Chylinski

Advertising Designers

Advertising Designers

Last Call Studios Gravatar

Last Call Studios

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

Last Call Studios provides our clients with everything from advertising design to photography to video production to graphic design. We are the last place you`ll need to go for all of your creative needs.

Services: Logo Design • Advertising Design • Print Media
Contact Last Call Studios

Advertising Designers

Patty Gravatar


Minneapolis, Minnesota 55429

Sketch your idea or explain your goals. From the glimmer of an idea to the brightening of your bottom line, great advertising starts with great partnerships.

Contact Patty

Advertising Designers

Gunning Media Gravatar

Gunning Media

701.263.7366 Minneapolis, Minnesota 58750

Over 10 years of on-set experience in film production & company branding/design. Bring your image to paramount potential. Discovering who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why you do it better are the elements we will encompass.

Services: Logo Design • Advertising Design • Internet / Streaming / Web
Contact Gunning Media

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