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Z. Bailey Collection
Z. Bailey Collection Hazelwood, Missouri

I am a fashion Designer and you can go to my website for any further information. www.zbailey.net

Erica Sword
Erica Sword Kansas City, Missouri

Free-lance Costume Designer. Specializes in costuming for circus arts, dance, and burlesque. Custom hats and headdresses and now EL wire costumes!

jenn mckelvie
jenn mckelvie Kansas City, Missouri

apparel + textile designer

Kristen Independence, Missouri

Kansas City area clothing designer and costume maker. Check out my website for more info and pictures of previous work.

Michele Sansone
Michele Sansone Odessa, Missouri

Fashion and Costume Design Specializing in Time Period and Fantasy Costuming with heavy background in dance wear.

Ari Fish
Ari Fish Kansas City, Missouri

Ari Fish currently runs the label Native America, specializing in both men`s and women`s progressive clothing design. Her designs have been featured in many publications and on high profile clients. please visit http://www.arifish.com

Try National "Costume Design" Specialist:

LegacyDesignStudioUSA • Washington

Award-winning costume designer and experienced writer combine to move your project forward. We offer historical costume research, tech drawings, original costume designs, proof-reading, editing, and copy writing. Choose a combination of our services.

Janelle Wooten
Janelle Wooten • Texas

designer, pattern maker, and seamstress in the Dallas, TX area (in Plano). Call 214-621-4047. JanelleWooten.com

ArtisanMD • Texas

I love to design trendy apparels with surface ornamentation (hand embroidery) with a variety designs to enhance the look. Painting & Jewellery making are my passions too.Awaiting for an oppurtunity to prove my skills. Strive Thrive Survive is my motto!

Beth • North Carolina

I am a designer in clothing. I take your ideas and run with them. Making items from body doubles. Pageant, Prom, Wedding,Costuming, Dance. Let your imagination come to life. No area to difficult...

Evelyn Lambert
Evelyn Lambert • Georgia

Visit www.evelynlambert.com. In addition to our own collection we also make to order for all occasions. We also work with people that are developing their own lines , from concept to finish. Call or email us for more information. Thank You!

Zhanneta Sharov
Zhanneta Sharov • Hawaii

Mom & Daughter Are Pearl City`s Own Designing Women

Liza James
Liza James • Pennsylvania

Design and Construction: Fashion, Costume, Set, Props, Scenic Art Consultation: Fashion, Wardrobe, Styling, Interior design/redesign

David K. Manning
David K. Manning • Florida

Custom pants, tops and dresses for women + mens wear. Fine fabric and perfect fit specialist. Freelance to the industry: pattern making, sample making, technical design and production help. 15 years experience including Gap, inc and Jessica McClintock

Cheryl Trent
Cheryl Trent • Oklahoma

I am a Clothing Historian. I have studied the history of clothing and have a great understanding of the shape, meaning, and style of clothing and how to use it to express the unspoken. Let`s tell a story together!

Altered Nation Designs
Altered Nation Designs • Nevada

My name is Susan and I own a small eco friendly fashion design business. Please feel free to contact me for one of a kind fashion designs.

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