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Strategies to market your web site

by John Tourloukis

All sites should be well designed and stay within the search engine guidelines, but organic search optimization is a slow steady process. Getting good targeted traffic to your web site is a must to promote your products and services. Try to diversify your marketing efforts and not rely on one source for traffic to your web site. Search engines are getting smarter all the time and they do not rank new sites and pages as quickly as they used to. This is where paid inclusion can come in handy.

Paid inclusion allows you to buy placement on search results pages or on relevant content sites on their advertising network. Your text ad can be show on top, to the right, or on the bottom of search pages. Content network sites show advertising where the webmaster specifies. Google now allows you to target specific site as to where your ads will be shown.

All of the paid inclusion networks have tracking and reporting tools. Take advantage of this and track your results. Understand where you are spending money and how much it costs to get a sale/conversion.

Good landing pages mean more conversions
After your potential client clicks on your ad are you landing them on a relevant page? What is the first thing they see? Was it relevant to what they were looking for?

When using text ads keep it short and to the point you do not have to use all the characters they give you. Shorter headlines can stand out from the rest in some cases. Always run a control ad, and try to improve by running a second ad to beat the control ad's click-through rate. Can you make your display url stand out? When we changed from to we saw almost double the click through.

Don't forget banners
Google also allows you to use banners on their content network of advertisers. You can also use animated banners to promote your web site. Think of animated banners as a 10 to 20 second presentation promoting your products and services.

You can begin receiving traffic in as little as fifteen minutes; although some of the advertising networks have human editors that review the quality of your ad which can take a few days. When starting advertisement on paid inclusion networks remember to start slow. Make sure you read all of their rules and guidelines. This can save you time, money, and get your ads seen quicker.

John Tourloukis

Founder Fast PC Networks
Ecommerce SEO Services

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