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Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers

Full Plate Restaurant Consulting Gravatar

Full Plate Restaurant Consulting

San Francisco, California 94104

20+ years experience in the Bay Area writing & designing Restaurant, Specialty Foods and Hospitality content for marketing, web and public relations needs. Help with business plans, marketing and restaurant concept development.

Services: Public Relations Writing • Content Development • Press Release Writing
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Freelance Writers

Kelci Lynn Gravatar

Kelci Lynn

584 Castro Street #267 San Francisco, California 94114
(415) 378-8239

With nearly ten years of experience and a strong reputation, can work with you to meet your unique project needs. We specialize in education, academic, non-profit, and personal projects, but also have experience in the corporate sector.

Services: Proof Reading • Copywriter • Editors
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Freelance Writers

J&J Marketing Gravatar

J&J Marketing

San Francisco, California 94122 With 35+ years working with companies like MTV, PBS, Pottery Barn and Wells Fargo, we write and edit attention-getting sales and marketing collateral with brand consistency and a unique voice that showcases your business.

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Freelance Writers

Sharp Editing: Copywriting Solutions Gravatar

Sharp Editing: Copywriting Solutions

San Francisco, California 94114

When you need persuasive copy for your target audience - I help you hit the mark like never before: * Websites * Advertising * Brochures * Specializing in succinct website copy that achieves the right balance of SEO keywords. See portfolio on website.

Services: Copywriter • Editors • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact Sharp Editing: Copywriting Solutions

Website Designers

Website Designers

Professional Website Design Gravatar

Professional Website Design

San Francisco, California 94618

Professional Web Design Solutions. We will provide you with detailed recommendations to increase your site`s impact and improve conversion. Get a Free Quote Today. Call: 415.374.9866

Services: Design Templates • Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Content Development • Pay Per Click Advertising PPC • Organic Search Engine Optimization • Advertising Agency • Branding • Marketing Consultant • Online / Web Advertising
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Website Designers

Will2Think Design Gravatar

Will2Think Design

San Francisco, California 94115

Will2Think Design is a sole proprietorship freelance design company based in San Francisco. Services include Web Design, Development, and supporting Print Design.

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Website Designers

Web Design San Francisco Gravatar

Web Design San Francisco

San Francisco, California 94104

Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Eugene. We specialize in branding for Web, print, and broadcast mediums. Get your new logo, Web site, brochure, and commercial now.

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Website Designers

#1 Wevio San Francisco Gravatar

#1 Wevio San Francisco

San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco, California 94101

Wevio first opened its doors in 1998 and have been growing ever since. With over 600 clients and 10 years of experience in web design, Wevio is a one stop shop for all your online needs.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Shopping Cart • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact #1 Wevio San Francisco

Website Designers

mustafa cakir Gravatar

mustafa cakir

San Francisco, CA mustafa2004@gmail.comSan Francisco, California 94132

I offer you whole packages, DESIGN+DOMAIN+HOST all includes and starts from 290$. Over the last 10 years i have developed a wide range of websites using Flash, HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript ,to startup companies and small business.

Services: Content Management • Flash • Design Templates
Contact mustafa cakir // More

I am an expert at Flash,Photoshop,Dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP and MySQL


Website Designers

Micros Software Gravatar

Micros Software

San Francisco, California 94123

Professional Database and Web Design Solutions. We will provide you with detailed recommendations to increase your site`s impact and improve conversion. Get a Free Quote Today.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Database Driven
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Website Designers

idia Marketing Gravatar

idia Marketing

San Francisco, California 94110

idia Marketing provides solutions that cover the entire process from creative design all the way through complete production. We bring life to your projects through digital design and creativity.

Services: Flash • Advertising Agency • Television / Commercials
Contact idia Marketing

Website Designers Gravatar

2261 Market ST San Francisco, California 94114

Design`s Capital, Home of Designs since 2002. Web Design solutions in San Francisco, California, Europe, Egypt and allover the world.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Content Maintenance

Website Designers

David Wells Gravatar

David Wells

San Francisco, California 94109

I specialize in building gorgeous websites quickly and affordably using the Joomla Content Managment System. I also provide support, consultation and instruction.

Contact David Wells

Website Designers

Cory Logan Gravatar

Cory Logan

San Francisco, California 94112

A small graphic and web design company, based in San Francisco. The idea is to provide an affordable service in a way that really interfaces between the customer and the designer. Everything we do is quality.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • Corporate Identity Package
Contact Cory Logan

Website Designers

Robin McCain Gravatar

Robin McCain

San Francisco, California 94124

Also web programming.

Contact Robin McCain

Website Designers

Jerome Heuze Gravatar

Jerome Heuze

San Francisco, California 95051

Currently accepting projects - webdesign, re-design, flash projects, web applications, knowledgable in xhtml, css, php, mysql, flash, w3c compliant projects, WAI P3, section 508, accessible websites, cd-rom, dvd-rom, 3d animator (Maya).

Services: Design Templates • Content Maintenance • CSS Style Sheets
Contact Jerome Heuze

Website Designers

Venestudio Gravatar


San Francisco, California 06405

General Website Design, Flash Design, Interative Websites, CMS, Motion Graphics, image manipulation, Banner Design. Languages: English/Spanish

Services: Flash • Design Templates • Corporate Identity Package
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Website Designers

Net Acceleration Gravatar

Net Acceleration

Flood Building San Francisco, CA 94102San Francisco, California 94102
415.963.4256 x4

We represent Web Designers Developers Hosting SEO CMS and anything else related to websites. We are a one stop shop for starting a new website, hosting a website, designing a website or figuring out how major search engines will see your current site.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Content Management • Organic Search Engine Optimization
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Website Designers

Funk Werks Design Gravatar

Funk Werks Design

San Francisco, California 94109

Funk Werks Design was established in 2006 as a full service design agency. We pretty much do everything in the world of creative design, but our main business is bringing your brand to life in new and provocative ways.

Services: Content Management • Flash • CSS Style Sheets
Contact Funk Werks Design

Website Designers

ZM Mulimedia - Web and Multimedia Pr Gravatar

ZM Mulimedia - Web and Multimedia Pr

San Francisco, California 94111

Web design and database programming, Flash animation and programming 3D animations, vissual effects TV spots production

Contact ZM Mulimedia - Web and Multimedia Pr

Website Designers

Paul Lyons Gravatar

Paul Lyons

San Francisco, California 94112

From basic small business websites to scaleable e-commerce solutions to rich, flexible web-based content management systems, Paul Lyons Web Services is the perfect solution for your website needs.

Contact Paul Lyons

Website Designers

RDASTU Gravatar


San Francisco, California 94109

Webdesign, programming PHP

Contact RDASTU

Website Designers

Triskamail Gravatar


San Francisco, California 94131

General Business admin and graphic design.

Services: Logo Design • Illustration • Content Development
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Website Designers

Mary Danzer Gravatar

Mary Danzer

San Francisco, California 94110

Sleek and stylish design that will enhance your business and get you clicked! Sites rate #1 on Google! Web design, development, corporate identity, flash intro / video, e-commerce, database, site editing, and more. Your business deserves the best!

Contact Mary Danzer

Website Designers

SF Bay Marketing Gravatar

SF Bay Marketing

San Francisco, California 94117

I have been helping small and medium-sized San Francisco Bay Area businesses establish a Web presence since 1996. Quality web design, Flash, 3D and ecommerce, upgrades, banners and search engine optimization. Flat rates or $25 per hour.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • 3D Animation
Contact SF Bay Marketing

Website Designers

Aftermath Creative Gravatar

Aftermath Creative

333 Webster #2San Francisco, California 94117

Aftermath Creative designs graphic solutions for both web and print media. Aftermath creates websites, advertising design, brochures, datasheets, icons, logos, or anything that requires effective and attractive communication.

Services: CSS Style Sheets • Advertising Design • Promotional Materials
Contact Aftermath Creative // More

Aftermath Creative designs graphic solutions for individuals and companies, for both web and print media. Aftermath creates web sites, banner advertising, brochures, logos, or anything that requires effective and attractive communication. Whatever your needs, we can make it for you. Schedule your project today!


Website Designers

braulio motus Gravatar

braulio motus

San Francisco, California 94108

I am a freelance graphic designer and web developer specializing in flash, action script, and motion graphics with over 6 years professional experience.

Services: Flash • Logo Design • Print Media
Contact braulio motus

Website Designers

Cyber-NY:: San Francisco Gravatar

Cyber-NY:: San Francisco

San Francisco, California 94117

Cyber-NY is a full-service agency providing an array of creative and technology-based marketing solutions that focus on client goals and a strong return on investment.

Contact Cyber-NY:: San Francisco



Evolve Media Production Gravatar

Evolve Media Production

San Francisco, California 94109

Film and video production San Francisco. Corporate, commercial, educational, medical, infomercial, and music videos.

Services: Cinematography • Internet / Streaming / Web • Post Production
Contact Evolve Media Production


Marybeth La Motte Gravatar

Marybeth La Motte

771 Francisco Street San FranciscoSan Francisco, California 94133
415-297-3221 shows videos of real people doing fashion right in San Francisco and beyond. We produce fashion videos, corporate videos, how-to pieces and we can make practically anything look fascinating on video!

Contact Marybeth La Motte


Robert McWilliams Productions, Inc. Gravatar

Robert McWilliams Productions, Inc.

San Francisco, California 94506

Full Service Broadcast and High Definition Production Company in Northern California and Beyond! Over 20 years in business. worldwide experience with great crews and producers.

Services: Broadcast • DVD / CD / SVCD • Television / Commercials
Contact Robert McWilliams Productions, Inc. // More

Over 20-years as network DP and TV Commercial Producer.


Freelance Photographers

Freelance Photographers

Briana Gray Photography Gravatar

Briana Gray Photography

San Francisco, California 94117

I am a commercial advertising photographer and an artist specializing in high speed and macro photography. I bring a creative outlook to both my commercial and artistic collaborations!

Services: Commercial Photography • Product Photography • Events Photography
Contact Briana Gray Photography

Freelance Photographers

Michael Shew Gravatar

Michael Shew

2344 3rd Street request@Cloycephotography.comSan Francisco, California 94107
4152658486 You best choice for a San Francisco Photographer. $25.00 Per hour-2Hour Minimum

Services: Wedding Photography • Headshots Photography • Events Photography
Contact Michael Shew

Freelance Photographers

Kathryn MacDonald Gravatar

Kathryn MacDonald

690 5th St. #107 kathryn@macdonaldphoto.comSan Francisco, California 94107

San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in interior, portrait, headshot, wedding and event photography

Services: Wedding Photography • Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography
Contact Kathryn MacDonald

Freelance Photographers

Raymond Lawson Gravatar

Raymond Lawson

San Francisco, California 94122

Ray has been creating portraits and photographing for eleven years. Characteristic of his work is the use of light to produce a painterly effect. Ray shoots, family and individual portraits and model portfolios. Portfolios include retouching!

Services: Headshots Photography • Fashion / Models Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Raymond Lawson

Freelance Photographers

Dave Wong Gravatar

Dave Wong

San Francisco, California 94132

San Francisco Wedding Photographer. Have Dave be your official visual historian, capturing the magical moments of your special day in artful images.

Services: Wedding Photography • Events Photography
Contact Dave Wong

Freelance Photographers

Buzz Lawrence Gravatar

Buzz Lawrence

301 Sutter Street BuzzLawrence@live.comSan Francisco, California 94108

Buzz has worked as an event photographer for 20 years in the southern California area; now in San Francisco, Buzz has the capabilities to creatively photograph, print and deliver high quality prints within minutes. For more information call 415.816.0099

Contact Buzz Lawrence

Freelance Photographers

Lindsay Docherty Gravatar

Lindsay Docherty

San Francisco, California 27606

Kids. Couples. Portraits. Life. Truly authentic. No garish props, cheesy backdrops or uncomfortable poses. I capture real pictures of real people with genuine smiles and emotion. These are the images that you`ll see in ten years and smile all over again.

Services: Wedding Photography • Headshots Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Lindsay Docherty // More

I have experience in formal photography settings having worked at a children`s studio in Greensboro, NC for over three years. I am a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT. I keep up to date on industry trends by belonging to national photographic organizations, subscribing to Photography magazines, and keeping my eyes open to what I see and like.

Particular experience with children, engagements, seniors, digital retouching and photo restoration.


Freelance Photographers

Mark Andrew Wilson Gravatar

Mark Andrew Wilson

245 Harkness Avenue San Francisco, CASan Francisco, California 94134

Mark Andrew Wilson is a professional photographer. He trained under a fashion and portrait photographer in NYC before coming to San Francisco. He has been based in SF for 7 years. His work has been hung in galleries throughout New York and San Francisco.

Services: Wedding Photography • Commercial Photography • Product Photography
Contact Mark Andrew Wilson

Freelance Photographers

Eric Millette Photography Gravatar

Eric Millette Photography

San Francisco, California 94118

Eric Millette photographs people and places for editorial, design, and corporate clients.

Services: Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography
Contact Eric Millette Photography

Freelance Photographers

Joern Blohm Gravatar

Joern Blohm

San Francisco, California 94107

Joern Blohm Photography is an architectural and advertising photography studio in San Francisco California. We offer interior and exterior architecture photography as well as expertise in digital imaging for product and advertising photography.

Services: Commercial Photography • Headshots Photography • Product Photography
Contact Joern Blohm

Freelance Photographers

haren mehta Gravatar

haren mehta

San Francisco, California 94109

Specialized in fashion/ commercial/ portrait /advertising photography. Even capable of doing video/ video editing/ animation /web designing / flash / retouching. Assisting for still photography as well as for motion pictures.

Contact haren mehta

Freelance Photographers

Connie Johnson Gravatar

Connie Johnson

San Francisco, California 94132

Connie`s focus is capturing personality using nature as a backdrop. She is an entrepreneur with a passion for making pictures come alive.

Services: Product Photography • Events Photography
Contact Connie Johnson // More

Welcome to the photography pages created and captured by Connie Johnson. Connie is a gifted photographer inspired by being in the moment. Her goal is to bring your memories to life through exquisite detail of a momentous occurence. Her belief is, beauty declares spectacular presence in unexpected glory.Born in Texas, 1950.
Inspired by the beauty of nature. Inspired by the special faces of everyone.


Freelance Photographers

Alexis Borel Gravatar

Alexis Borel

San Francisco, California 94103

Alexis is a French Riviera based destination wedding photographer who works as a photojournalist all over the world, covering high end weddings. Try the French approach of wedding photojournalism, producing modern and deep pictures.

Services: Wedding Photography • Commercial Photography • Events Photography
Contact Alexis Borel

Freelance Photographers

Jesal Bhuta Gravatar

Jesal Bhuta

San Francisco, California 94109

Specialize in Documentary/Photojournalism/ Portraiture. Shoot both Digital and Film. Provide Digital Lightjet prints/Inkjet Prints/Silver gelatin prints available. Available for Freelance assignments.

Services: Commercial Photography • Product Photography • Events Photography
Contact Jesal Bhuta // More

Jesal Bhuta is a San Francisco based documentary and editorial
photographer. She has a Bachelor?s degree in Advertising from the Mumbai University and is pursuing a Masters degree in Photography
at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.
She is proficient with all formats of photography including digital and film. Other skills include digital scanning, editing, imaging and printing, traditional darkroom developing and printing, conceptualization and visual communication.

Group exhibits:

?Headlands? ? Academy of Art University Gallery- August 2006
?Big Bang Art Show? ? Academy of Art University Gallery ? January 2007


?Jesal was details-oriented and highly thorough as a photographer for an important sculpture installation unveiling in San Jose, CA. She created a well-planned compilation of beautiful and balanced photos of the sculpture itself, the artists, and attendees at the unveiling. I would definitely recommend Jesal for documentary photography needs, particularly in the realm of fine art.? November 4, 2007
-Larissa Dozier, Fine Arts Writer


Freelance Photographers

Richard Dennis Photography Gravatar

Richard Dennis Photography

San Francisco, California 94105

travel photographer and photojournalist

Contact Richard Dennis Photography

Freelance Photographers

megan krause photography Gravatar

megan krause photography

San Francisco, California 94110
(415) 378-0705

Headshot, lifestyle and environmental portrait photography for actors, models, musicians/bands and business professionals.

Contact megan krause photography

Freelance Photographers

Elijah Ellis Gravatar

Elijah Ellis

San Francisco, California 94118

San Francisco`s premium lifestyle family photographer. Specializing in birth, newborn, children, pregnant / expecting, and immediate family photography. This IS my passion and I will make a work of art for you, and your generations to come, to enjoy.

Services: Headshots Photography • Fashion / Models Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Elijah Ellis

Freelance Photographers

Bill Posner Gravatar

Bill Posner

San Francisco, California 94133

San Francisco based photographer of children of all ages. Specializing in sports/action shots and studio portraits.

Services: Headshots Photography • Family Portraits
Contact Bill Posner

Freelance Photographers

Elizabeth O'Hara Photography Gravatar

Elizabeth O'Hara Photography

San Francisco, California 94107

Elizabeth O`Hara`s photography specializes in documentary portraiture, creative portraiture, weddings, parties, events, headshots, landscape architecture and interior imagery. Contact info on website. Visit to view portfolio.

Services: Wedding Photography • Headshots Photography • Events Photography
Contact Elizabeth O'Hara Photography

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Val Valo Gravatar

Val Valo

San Francisco, California 94122

Client`s website evaluation. Customized Report with recommendations on best SEO practices. SEO is an ongoing project: I educate clients on best SEO practices so that clients are able to continue with best practices in the future.

Services: Design Templates • Banner Ad • Organic Search Engine Optimization
Contact Val Valo

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Object Studios Gravatar

Object Studios

San Francisco, California 02139

Whether it`s one step or the full product development process, Object Studios is where successful user centric products come to life.

Services: Packaging Design • Consumer Electronics • Product Design and Development
Contact Object Studios

Industrial Design

David Shaw | Metaform Gravatar

David Shaw | Metaform

San Francisco, California 94133

Metaform Product Development is an award-winning industrial design & product innovation firm serving a variety of sectors from consumer to technology, healthcare & toys. Awards include the ID Annual, Good Design, CES Innovations & the BusinessWeek IDEA.

Services: CAD / Computer Aided Design • Consumer Electronics • Product Design and Development
Contact David Shaw | Metaform // More

David Shaw is an award-winning San Francisco industrial designer with diverse, international experience in numerous industries. Capable in all phases from research to concept ideation, 3D CAID, and manufacturing liaison, David effectively coordinates projects throughout the Pacific Rim. His work has been featured in ID Magazine, BusinessWeek, Innovation, Discover Design, and Young Designers Americas. Awards include the ID Magazine Annual, Good Design, CES Innovations, and BusinessWeek IDEA.


Graphic & Logo Designers

Graphic & Logo Designers

cher Gravatar


201 harrison #811 San Francisco, California 94105
415 974-5598

I am a seasoned graphic/web designer with expertise in the design and production of packaging, logo/identity, illustration, collateral, flash animation and web. Fast, efficient, reasonably priced, detail oriented, professional.

Contact cher

Graphic & Logo Designers

Meryl Mikal Gravatar

Meryl Mikal

PO Box 77024 San Francisco, California 94105

For all your marketing design services including branding, direct mail, or advertising needs... My services accommodate companies of all shapes and sizes. With Meryl Mikal Design, there are no retainers, no hidden costs, and no big agency attitude.

Services: Catalog Layout • Advertising Design • Promotional Materials
Contact Meryl Mikal

Graphic & Logo Designers

re:design+ Gravatar


San Francisco, California 94109

full-service design, development and consulting for redesign, branding, marketing/promotions, direct mail + more // clients include high-profile organizations as well as small businesses and start-ups // highly competitive rates // contact for more info

Services: Catalog Layout • Promotional Materials • Branding
Contact re:design+

Graphic & Logo Designers

Morgan Marcani Gravatar

Morgan Marcani

San Francisco, California 94121

Motivated and passionate designer with experience in print, identity, packaging, typography, advertising, writing, and web design.

Contact Morgan Marcani

Graphic & Logo Designers

Kremer Design Gravatar

Kremer Design

San Francisco, California 84102

Freelance Graphic Designer - Print and Web, no job too small or too large.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design
Contact Kremer Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Braden Brook Gravatar

Braden Brook

San Francisco, California 94115

Designer with 10 years experience in both Web and print available for all manner of projects. Work and resume available at

Contact Braden Brook

Graphic & Logo Designers

Molly Wintroub Gravatar

Molly Wintroub

San Francisco, California 94117

I am a clean and efficient freelance graphic designer able to do print, web, identity, promotion, illustration, and anything else you can think of! Email me, I look forward to it.

Services: Logo Design • Promotional Materials • CD Insert Design
Contact Molly Wintroub

Graphic & Logo Designers

Anika Design Gravatar

Anika Design

San Francisco, California 94103

Anika Design specializes in producing static and motion graphics for enhanced CDs, DVDs, brochures, print ads, websites and video. Services include CD/DVD packaging art and interactive menus for established and emerging bands/ensembles.

Contact Anika Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Laura Wiggins Gravatar

Laura Wiggins

San Francisco, California 94102

I am a print designer with professional experience managing print collateral and taking projects from conception through final production.

Services: Magazine layout • Photo Retouching • Print Media
Contact Laura Wiggins

Graphic & Logo Designers

Sean Brennan Gravatar

Sean Brennan

San Francisco, California 94115

as PXLFORGE, Sean Brennan has been producing websites, blogs, magazines, fliers, DVD menus, business cards, presentations, 3D stills/animation and even virtual prototypes for a line toys from San Francisco since 1994.

Services: Flash • Logo Design • Advertising Design
Contact Sean Brennan

Graphic & Logo Designers

Richard Siegmann Gravatar

Richard Siegmann

San Francisco, California 94121

Graphic designer with passion for fresh, creative solutions pursuing opportunities with forward-thinking companies. Skilled at fostering open communication and innovative thinking. Expertise in advertising, brand identity, Web, collateral and packaging.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Business Cards and Brochures • Advertising Design
Contact Richard Siegmann

Graphic & Logo Designers

Carolyn Webster Gravatar

Carolyn Webster

San Francisco, California 94114

I design for both print and web. I work with the Adobe Creative Suite, including Flash and Dreamweaver, and Quark XPress. Whether it`s logos, ads, general graphics or web sites, I do it all. I`m fast, efficient and ready to help you with your next project

Services: Logo Design • Promotional Materials • Illustration
Contact Carolyn Webster

Graphic & Logo Designers

dave viola Gravatar

dave viola

San Francisco, California 94109

I am currently a graphic designer in advertising but I also have experience in 3D modeling, animation, illustration, drawing, and video editing.

Services: Illustration • Billboard Art • Cartoonist, Cartooning, comics
Contact dave viola // More

I currently work as a graphic designer for Clear Channel Outdoor where my primary responsibilities include creating marketing materials and designing billboards around the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out my portfolio for a wide variety of work from CG models to life drawings.


Graphic & Logo Designers

Z as in Zebra Gravatar

Z as in Zebra

San Francisco, California 94115

Creativity running ahead of the herd. I`m a senior creative, experienced in concept design and copywriting for print, web and mobile. I will work with you to create unique design solutions.

Contact Z as in Zebra

Graphic & Logo Designers

art direction + design Gravatar

art direction + design

San Francisco, California 10014
415 690 3798

sophisticated art direction + design :: expertise in creating high-end magazines, catalogs, promotional collateral, and packaging :: modern, versatile, collaborative style :: san francisco-based + available for special projects ::

Services: Banner Ad • Catalog Layout • Magazine layout • Advertising Design • Promotional Materials • Packaging Design • Media Kit
Contact art direction + design // More

transplanted new yorker with more than 10 years experience in creative direction, art direction, and hands-on design >> background includes developing creative for some of the most notable firms, publishers, and retailers, as well as numerous start-up companies >> excellent references and/or additional samples available by request


Graphic & Logo Designers

Cate M. Gravatar

Cate M.

San Francisco, California 94110

Award winning print designer and photographer for editorial and advertising. Logo Design Business Cards and Brochures Catalog Layout Magazine layout Advertising Design Promotional Materials CD Insert Design T-Shirt Design

Services: Business Cards and Brochures • Magazine layout • Wedding Photography
Contact Cate M.

Graphic & Logo Designers

Eminess Design Gravatar

Eminess Design

San Francisco, California 94123

A full service graphic design company, specializing in website design and development, corporate identity, logo design, email marketing and print design. Proficient in HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, CMS, Wordpress Integration

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • Logo Design
Contact Eminess Design

Graphic & Logo Designers

1299 design Gravatar

1299 design

San Francisco, California 94109

1299 design creates advertising, logos, business collateral, direct mail pieces and websites for a wide range of clients including corporations, small businesses, non-profits and consultants.

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Business Cards and Brochures • Advertising Design
Contact 1299 design

Graphic & Logo Designers

Michael Coughlan Gravatar

Michael Coughlan

San Francisco, California 94121

services: Web Design: HTML Production Flash: Site Design Video: Digital Editing/DVD creation Logo and Identity

Contact Michael Coughlan

Graphic & Logo Designers

Ruel Deguzman Gravatar

Ruel Deguzman

San Francisco, California 94112

I specialize in illustration, conceptual design for movies and film, storyboarding and graphic design. I can also digitaly retouch photos, create logos and design web visual content.

Contact Ruel Deguzman

Graphic & Logo Designers

Kamiblue Gravatar


San Francisco, California 94121

The online portfolio of San Francisco based freelance graphic artist, Kamiblue, also known as Pat Scarpa. A sampling of his works in the areas of web design, flash animation, identity, print, etc. Contact him for all your design needs.

Services: Flash • Illustration • Animated Banners
Contact Kamiblue

Graphic & Logo Designers

Dorey Kronick Gravatar

Dorey Kronick

San Francisco, California 94116

Dorey can conquer all of your art/design needs - posters, flyers, CD album covers & inserts, greeting cards, invitations, business cards, logos, brochures, websites, stickers, banners, photography, etc.

Services: Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures • Promotional Materials
Contact Dorey Kronick

Graphic & Logo Designers

Melissa Martin Gravatar

Melissa Martin

San Francisco, California 37206

Branding, Print, Package Design, Corporate Identity, Typography, Web Design, Consultancy, Design & Arts Education, Design Research and Strategy, Illustration

Services: Flash • Corporate Identity Package • Packaging Design
Contact Melissa Martin // More

Visit: for full portfolio and contact info

Continuing Education Watkins School of Art & Design 5/2007
Concentration of Study: Web Design using Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks.
BS Visual Communications University of Evansville 5/2003
Concentration of Study: Graphic/Publication/Editorial Design, Illustration, Digital Production, Advertising, Public Relations, Internet Technologies, French, Arts Critique & Discussion, Painting, and Drawing.
Honors/Awards: UE Academic Grant & Scholarship, Eggar?s Scholarship, 2002 Student Show Honorable Mention, 2nd Place - 150th Anniversary Book Design Competition.
AS Visual Communications Ivy Tech State College 5/2000
Concentration of Study: Graphic Design History & Theory, Publication Design, Advertising, Copyright Law, Digital Imaging & Production, Typography, Production & Prepress, Art History, Photography, Entrepreneurship & Business.
Honors/Awards: Graduation Honors, Dean?s List, Chancellor?s Award, Phi Theta Kappa, 1st Place - ?Design a Logo? Competition, 3rd Place - Student Design Show
Expert Level (4-7 yrs): Adobe Creative Suite CS & CS2 (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, ImageReady, GoLive, Acrobat Professional), Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office (Entourage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Lotus Notes, Freehand, Quark Xpress, Pre-Press Print and Production set-up and proofreading.
Intermediate Level (2-4 yrs): Fireworks, Flash, HTML, Java Script, Adobe AfterEffects, and ArtPro Nexus.
Senior Graphic Designer Naxos 6/2005- present
Job Summary: Design all print ads, new product logos, web ads, interactive eCards, sales & promotional signage, billboards and posters for both Naxos and other distributed labels. Assist Marketing and CEO in development of new for products such as box sets, special releases, new product models, packaging and specialty catalogs. Oversee all corporate artwork and branding guidelines for both Naxos,, Ariadne, Naxos Audiobooks, Naxos Music Library and MPkey. Manage cover art files and archive all design materials to offsite FTP server. Maintain homepage the US Naxos homepage and work with digital services in creating online pre-release previews and EPs. Perform press-check approvals on special products. Assist with marketing and advertising plans, sales sheets and develop the monthly New Release Guide and annual CD/DVD catalogs.
Graphic & Production Artist Berry Plastics Corp 11/2000-present*
Job Summary: Design new or revise old art for a variety of packaging for clients including Unilever, Humboldt Creamery, Budweiser, Quikrete, Miller Lite, Cass Clay Creamery, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Target and Kroger. Typeset, layout and color correct internal and outside vendor art to printing specifications. Work directly with clients on press checks and approvals. Communicate customer changes and feedback to Print Coordinators. Proofread all prints, negatives and dyluxes for other artists. Layout approved art rip negatives to AGFA imagesetter using ArtPro Nexxus. Other projects included monthly newsletter, technical machine and product illustrations, internal business forms, catalogs and advertising. Served as a member of the Focus Team, Creative Team & Family Design Team.
Graphic Designer Market & Co Feb. 2002-Oct. 2002
Job Summary: Summer position with small marketing and advertising firm. Responsible for designing ads and billboards for Kubota, Wolf?s BBQ, Brighton, Carpet One and Market Real Estate. Coordinate ad contract negotiations and schedules with clients, assist in radio spot placements and budgets, organize weekly marketing meetings and serve as archive manager.
Visual Specialist GAP, Inc. 1/2001-6/2005
Job Summary: As a Visual Specialist my responsibilities included setting up all window displays, mannequins, signage and in-store promotional materials. Oversee all visual merchandising during new floor set-ups and seasonal changes. Take inventory of all visual merchandising equipment, signage, marketing materials, mannequins and order new parts accordingly. Maintain all store display integrity during high-traffic periods and rearrange as necessary. While not working on visuals, I performed as a back-up Sales Associate during rush hours, Cashier specialist, Trainer, Denim Specialist and Merchandising Specialist.
Freelance Graphic Designer & Fine Artist 2001 ? Present
Clients: Illustration, print & web design, package design, corporate branding and indentity design for Target, Walmart, Untitled Artists? Group, Plowhaus Gallery, DuPre Designs, Forward Focus Mediation, Inertia Oil & Gas, Heartstring School of Music, Duraluxe, RhythmAddict Music & Promotions, Walkway Loft Gallery, Impact Christian Health Center, Tiffany?s Consignments, Health South Rehabilitation Center and other private commission work for residential homes.
Board of Directors Untitled, Inc. ? Nashville, TN
Chair: Erika Johnson
Oct. 2005 to present - Untitled is a non-profit collective dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and offering alternative visual arts experiences in Nashville outside the traditional gallery scene. Our popular quarterly non-juried, one-night shows routinely include over 100 artists and attract over a thousand patrons. As a Board Member, I serve to develop a fully artist-administered grant program, plan workshops and education for artist members, plan fundraising events and seek sponsorship, assist with finances and administration duties, press releases, publicity, website development and maintenance, community relations, volunteer recruitment and networking with other national artists groups.
Committee Volunteer & Artist Plowhaus Gallery ? Nashville, TN Chair: Frannie Lee & John Holland
Jan. 2007 to present - Plowhaus is an artist supported cooperative and gallery space dedicated to presenting new art work to the Nashville community. By encouraging the investigation of art-making and by supporting emerging artists, Plowhaus is committed to supporting, challenging and inspiring artistic growth among its members and to building, educating and sustaining audiences for contemporary art.
Exhibiting Artist The Birdhouse Thing ? Nashville, TN Contact: Lynn Adelman
Jan. 2007 ? The Birdhouse Thing is a unique art auction event to benefit the W.O. Smith Music School, a non-profit organization that provides high quality music education to children from low-income families for 50 cents per lesson and provides instruments to students at no charge.
Exhibiting Artist Crystalwood Studios ? Nashville, TN Curator: Caryn Cast
Oct. 2006 - Featured Artist in group show sponsored by Formica, National Wallcovering, BPI, and Central Imaging, Inc.
Exhibiting Artist Art & Invention Gallery ? Nashville, TN Curator: Meg MacFadyen
Aug. 2006 - Featured Tomato Artist for the 2006 Tomato Festival.
Exhibiting Artist Arts Council of SW Indiana ? Evansville, IN Curator: Jean Ambrose
Oct. 2005 - Digitized: an exhibition ? Honorable Mention in Digital Illustration


Graphic & Logo Designers

Obsession Design Studio Gravatar

Obsession Design Studio www.byObsession.comSan Francisco, California 94023

Full Service Creative Agency with more than 100+ completed projects this year alone. Stop searching for designers!

Services: Corporate Identity Package • Logo Design • Business Cards and Brochures
Contact Obsession Design Studio

Flash Design

Flash Design

Ka-Kei Wong Gravatar

Ka-Kei Wong

San Francisco, California 94114

Graphic/Web Artist seeking for job/s. Below is a link to my portfolio and my resume is on my site as well. If my skills and knowledge can be useful to your projects, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Services: Flash • Illustration • Animated Banners
Contact Ka-Kei Wong

Flash Design

Bluechrome Designs - Flash Design Gravatar

Bluechrome Designs - Flash Design

1916 Filbert St. Oakland CaSan Francisco, California 94109
415 845-7399

From simple animations to complex applications, from server-side scripting to embedded video, my strong Flash background and my knowledge of the intricacies of Actionscript will provide you with a unique RIA, custom designed to suit your needs.

Services: Flash • Database Driven • Banner Ad
Contact Bluechrome Designs - Flash Design

Flash Design

MorphBOTS Interactive Gravatar

MorphBOTS Interactive

San Francisco, California 94108

MorphBOTS Interactive Design Studio + Evolve With Us + We are a new media design studio specializing in branding, interactive design and multimedia applications.

Contact MorphBOTS Interactive

Flash Design

Flash Designer Gravatar

Flash Designer

San Francisco, California 94110

IGNACIO MARTINEZ SF (415)6410132 _Good knowledge of Macromedia and Adobe Packages. _Good understanding of ActionScript, JavaScript, Html. _Creative skills in photography and digital video. _Fluent in English/Spa

Contact Flash Designer

Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers

Paridhi Badjatiya Gravatar

Paridhi Badjatiya

502 Mansion Grove Drive Santa Clara, CA. 95054San Francisco, California 78749

Paridhi Badjatiya is a Design and Fashion company. I do beautiful clothing for the young adult market.I freelance as a fashion consultant and can help you with the latest trends, essential styles, and must - have key items for any occasion.

Services: Costume Design • Dress Makers / Dressmaker • Fashion Consultant
Contact Paridhi Badjatiya

Fashion Designers

Dolls Kill Gravatar

Dolls Kill

2525 16th Street, Suite 410 San Francisco, California 94103

Dolls Kill - `Online boutique for the misfits and miss legits. Let`s Party!’ is about fashion for girls who don’t conform. Visit for more info !

Services: Costume Design • Jewelery • Lingerie / Swimsuit Design
Contact Dolls Kill

Fashion Designers

Jessica Nitchmann Gravatar

Jessica Nitchmann

San Francisco, California 94117

Freelance Fashion Designer/Illustrator

Services: Fashion Consultant • Lingerie / Swimsuit Design • Sketching / Pattern Drafting
Contact Jessica Nitchmann // More

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis.
Most recently employed at Betsey Johnson in NYC. Since then, I`ve been designing, illustrating, and creating pieces on my own.

I am a talented designer, as well as an intelligent and dedicated individual. I have a keen eye for color and detail, and I also have an acute understanding of the meaning of a deadline.
I have an amazing passion for design and I truly believe that you can only get out of something what you put into it, which is why I give my all to every job that I do.

Experienced in cutting, sewing, draping, illustration and pattern drafting. Experience creating colorways and flats (hand drawn and using Adobe Illustrator), spec sheets, grading charts, presentation boards, and design and tech packages. I also have experience communicating with overseas factories with regards to production.
I have extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design, as well as all Microsoft Office programs, including Excel.


Fashion Designers

kristine osgood Gravatar

kristine osgood

San Francisco, California 94110

Technical design and spec packages in Word. patternmaking, limited proto samples. perfect person to help owner/designers take their ideas and turn them into samples. I have worked for big companies-the Gap, Gymboree, Esprit. Based in San Francisco.

Contact kristine osgood

Fashion Designers

Tanietsha Tims Gravatar

Tanietsha Tims

San Francisco, California 94134

Entrepreneur/ Fashion Designer

Contact Tanietsha Tims

Fashion Designers

Niko von Huetz Gravatar

Niko von Huetz

San Francisco, California 94111

Hello - we are a London based womens wear label resortwear and swimwear). We regularly need graphics work to assist with developing the season`s collateral tree. (post photoshoot touching up images, poducing a pdf and Flash `look-book`.

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • Promotional Materials
Contact Niko von Huetz

Web Programmers

Web Programmers

AyadiPro Web development Gravatar

AyadiPro Web development

San Francisco, California 95050, Creative & effective Technology Solutions,Our services include: -Website design & development -Internet Marketing SEO, SEM, PPC -Multimedia Production -Targeted Marketing - Domain names and web hosting

Services: E-Commerce Websites • Flash • Application Development
Contact AyadiPro Web development

Web Programmers

Freelance web developer india php Gravatar

Freelance web developer india php

San Francisco, California 94110

A freelance web developer with more than 5 years of professional web development experience using php and mysql. More information: homepage

Services: Content Management • Database Driven • PHP Programming
Contact Freelance web developer india php



Feldman Architecture Gravatar

Feldman Architecture

San Francisco, California 94103

Feldman Architecture is an award-winning design studio known for innovative design solutions and love of understated beauty. For us, each project is an opportunity to create contextually sensitive buildings that are tailored to a client?s specific needs.

Services: Residential / Small Projects
Contact Feldman Architecture

Advertising Designers

Advertising Designers

SF Views Gravatar

SF Views

San Francisco, California 94121

a full-service advertising agency designed to help businesses big and small. Locally owned and operated, we are experienced in all forms of advertising on a local, regional and national level.

Services: Promotional Materials • Advertising Agency • Branding
Contact SF Views // More

SF Views is a full-service advertising agency designed to help businesses big and small. Locally owned and operated, we are experienced in all forms of advertising on a local, regional and national level.


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